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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Short story....I'm no computer geek and I have a love hate for cyberspace. Enough on that or it will be a long rant.

Last week Miranda and I and T took in Blue Rodeo at Bluesfest. They are AWESOME live. Loved the show and I can see why there was such a huge crowd. And of course I took my new camera which took some AWESOME Shots! T was not a huge fan but enjoyed it too. He was shocked at how when they started playing a song of theirs that the audience was singing and not them for the first verse. He had never heard that before and thought it was cool. Although he was about the only one not singing he didn't know the words. LOL!



Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor!

This week we had some friends over for a playgroup...totally enjoyed it. It was a great sunny day and we had some laughs and enjoyed watching the kids play.

And on to Harry Potter
Yes we are die hard fans here and I can't wait till Nathan is old enough to read the books to. One more year I think and I will be reading it to him. But we went and See The Order of the Phoenix and I LOVED IT. It was the best one yet Although T thought it was as bad as all the rest but he does LOVE the books. He's a Book Boy. LOL! We even took Nathan, although he watched most of it. He did get restless near the end. Although his review was " It was an excellent Movie and I want to buy it" LOL!
Today I'm cleaning the office and downloading some video...I'm way behind.
16 days Till Newfoundland.

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BeachMama said...

We had a great time up in your neck of the woods!!

I had to laugh at T not ever hearing an audience sing the song without the band. Does he not go to concerts, like ever?? The best one yet, for me, was when U2 stopped singing and the whole audience was singing "How long....to sing this song? How long... how long, how long... to sing this song?" One of my all time faves. Oh yes, and watching everyone at Scotiabank Place sing "Oh Canada", that rocked. And then the Califorians had to copy us ;).