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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Newfoundland Day 2

I guess I haven't been a great tour guide. grant you I have been abit pressed for time these days but things are slowing abit before they speed up with the back to school stuff. Miranda had Orentiation this week and starts College on Monday....SHE IS SO EXCITED! I have been buying Nathan's school supplies and he starts the week of the 27th. So I'll soon have time to myslef again. HA!

Oh before I move on I want to tell you a joke that Nathan did on the weekend. Made us laugh with his clever play on words. Miranda and He were talking about what he would be when he grew up. So she says
How about an engineer and you go to egypt and figure out who the pyrmids are made?
No too hot there
How about you go to Nunavut and build a prymind out of snow and ice then?
No Miranda it's too ICE solated. Get it ICE solated.

This is when the car got silent and then we all broke out laughing.

So back to Newfoundland
So to Back trap We left from Ottawa and flew to Halifax. Clear skys all the way. And then we had lunch and waited to catch our flight to Deer Lake. Smaller Plane. (Me no like) Landed in Deer Lake. I think it's the smallest airport I have ever landed at. We were the only commercial flight at the terminal .

First part of day 1 was driving to Rocky Harbour and staying over night. ( you seen pictures in the previous blog)
Day 2 was driving to L'anse aux Meadow, Viking site, Viking Nest B & B in Hay Cove. St. Anthony's for the Viking Feast and some whaling watching. (they were right there in the bay but not close enough for a good picture)

Day 3 Drive back to Rocky Harbour and take the Western Pond Boat Curise. Deer Lake and stay at the Humberview B & B. Nice place.
Here's a few shots of day 2 and 3.

The first CUP!
Our dear friends and the first cup of the day.

Ship Wreck
We're not sure
Something Jack found on his morning Hike. Not sure what but there was a garden up there.
Fact: All along the highways there are vegtable gardens everywhere and no houses in sight. They grow root crops where the soil is the best and that happens to be in ditches. Very cool.
Westren Pond Fjord
Western Pond Fjord. From the docks. We had to hike in 3 km to get to the boats over bogs and stuff. It was a nice hike. But we moved it!
Beautiful but cold.
Entering the Fjord. It was a cold day. The wind was so strong I had plugs in my ears to make sure I wouldn't have an inner ear imbalance the next day.
Waterfalls all over

It had a name but I never remember such things when awed by beauty. It's just Aweome.
WOW...is all I could say
On our way out the sun poked through. It was surreal standing there looking back.

So that's it for today. I try to get a few more up in the days to come.


nancy said...

Beautiful photos!!

DaniGirl said...

What Nancy said - gorgeous!!!