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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Newfoundland Day 4

After a great Day of traveling and alot of laughs, and we weren't sick of each other yet. ;) We got to Glowertown. Cute little town. And the BEST B & B ever. And it stated off so weird. We arrived and they had a sigh to go to the back door. Which we did. And the Hostess met us and said asked who we were. Then she gets this shocked look on her face. She goes oh dear. I thought you had already arrived! After much talking and figureing out IT turns out she over booked for that night, and ended up sleeping somewhere else herself while we slept in her house. She was the most graious person. Wanted to make us supper for the trouble and we replied it was ok and we went out for supper. Walk a Km or so to the cutest little Resturant and gift shop. Although she insisted that we come back for Dessert and coffee. And we did it was wonderful. This was also the night Wendy and I drank alittle bit more than we should have, and it was the funniest walk back to the B & B. LMAO!

View from the back of the B & B were we stay at there.

This town actally had a fisherman we could talk to and he was great.

Never ate a lobster at all. Never seen it much on the menu. It was scallop season. Which made me totally happy! I LOVE SCALLOPS!

And it was COLD.

This was what we seen about 30 ft from the back door.

We had a few too man of these. If you know me at all that's not all that much.

The next morning we met the other couple at Breakfast. They were very nice and we also met the our Hostess's husband Fred. Quite the man I must say. Both of them are the nicest people and couple. I'm usually not comfortable in some one elses home but I felt right at home there. Fred had heard that a couple of the couples were on their 25 anniversary trip and I raised my hand and so did Wendy and so did the the other lady from the table. WE had a big laugh over that. So Fred being and entertainer sat down and played us a couple of tunes. Breaksfat music what a way tot start the DAY! He's played all across Canada and is self taught. He was awesome. This was also the morning we had that delicacy of delicacy Newfoundland steak....which is Friend Balona. I grew up eating this and have since lost my fondness for it. BUT I ate it. The rest of the food was awesome. Of course I never had a bad meal anywhere in newfoundland. We never ate any fast food at all! True measure of a sucessfyl trip. ;)

So Fred and Margeret. Thanks for the best time of our trip. It was truely memorable.


Note: If you want to check out Fred's music here's his website. He plays under a stage name.

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