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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Newfoundland Day 5

After we leave our wonderful hosts we drive as FAST as we can ( With Jack driving that's the speed limit) To St. John's. Find our B & B
The Rendell-Shea
and walk down the street to have the best sandwich I have ever had. If your eer in St. John's go to Coffee Matters and have the Newfoundland Sandwhich. Turkey Lettuce and Tomatoe with stuffing and partiage berry sauce. YUMMMY !
With a truffle for dessert and a great Coffee you can't go wrong. After lunch decided to see Signal hill.
If you know anything about Canada you know this is where Marconi recieved the first wireless message from over seas. It's a historic sight and OH WHAT A VIEW! We decided to hike the the trails . I thought you just went to the bottom and stopped thenhiked back up. But I asked a Runner and he says no it goes allt he way around then you hike back up through the Battery and get your car at the top. (OK I thought this runner was nuts. YOU SHOULD SEE THAT HILL!) so much for 1.7 km hike. we did over 6 km. !!! I was abit stiff after we stopped and sat for awhile. Nothing a good glass or two of wine couldn't cure. :0 )

So here's a few shots from our Trip awound the Hiking trails on signal Hill. A must do, but not with young children. I would ahve no hair left IF I had taken Nathan.
Loverly coast line.

Jack at what looks like the edge. Scarey for me.

St. John's Light house at the Narrows.
Jack and the St. John's harbour

The Battery, which is the fishing villiage part of the town. Not much goes on there now. Sad really.

Well I'll stop there for today. There's alot more I want to show you of St. John's.
Yes I'm like your old Aunt Marg who shows you slide shows till you fall asleep of their trip. BUT You can tune out.


Have a great day.



Your photos are gorgeous!! i love the east coast.

BeachMama said...

Love the photos! I have yet to get to Newfoundland, but you are showing me a lot ;).

Big question though... how did you do without the kids? Will this be an annual trip sans enfants or was it too hard to travel without them?