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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Newfoundland Day 6 and home.

I'm sick with the cold Jack caught in Newfoundland so this may be full of pictures and few words. (OK I can hear you cheering)
Here's some shots I think I should add of the Battery. It was a interesting place. After we had finished a wonderful and at times scarey walk around Signal Hill. We came to the end of a path. .. at some womans deck. There was not way around it, one side ocean the other side Cliff striaght up! Apparently you just walk over it and she was sitting there smiling like it was no big deal, and I guess it isn't. We weren't the only ones doing it.

We are standing just after the deck we had to cross.

Someone taking his gorceries home. Steep isn't it?

Last fishermans house. He is only allowed to fish for himself. Sad but cute

St. John's harbour

So after a walk like this we went back to the B & B and showered and got ready to go out for dinner. We actaully got dressed up for this. Although my feet were killing me, I wore heels. SIGH. We had a great meal at Cabash (I think) and again with way too much wine. We eneded up calling it a night early. So we have to go back to see George Street. The only thing I regeret and not sucking it up and hitting the clubs. I never do that at home.

Our Room

Yes that works but we didn't start it.

This is where we ate the next morning. Honestly this was the nicest B & B we stayed in. And the funny thing was at Breakfast there was a couple who were motorcycling through the Province for the 5th time from Quebec. The other couple was from Nepean (near us in Ottawa) and then us and our friends. We all spoke french at Breakfast. NOT what I expected at all. LOL!

Last couple of shots of St. Johns. ... I think they speak for themselves.

OH and Jack got up to see the sunrise on Signal Hill. They tote it as being the First one In Canada to see the sun

Here it is.

It was cloudy...LOL!

So goodbye Newfoundland. We're be sure to come back. It was an awesome time.

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Hope said...

I really enjoyed your pics.
i've always wanted to visit "the rock", I have a few friends from there who tell me it's a very special place, both in sights and people.
Hope you feel better soon.