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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When the phone rings...answer it.

it could be bad news, it could be good news.

the last 24 hours have been a whirl wind of Emotions and activity around here. Life is never simple sometimes but if you just keep your cool it works out.

Yesterday I was getting ready to go to my monthly Weekenders meeting when the phone rang. As soon as I heard the voice on the other end I knew I was screwed and I would have to make alternate plans. It's Jack's work and things were out of control at work. So they needed him to come back in immediately. Jack also carpools with his youngest Brother. AND he needs to get home to his wife and new baby who ahs been really fussy all day and she needs a break. (So totally understand that). Now usually this is not a big deal but I'm just finally realizing with Miranda off at school and working things could get quite complicated around here. So Jack is giving his brother his car and he is driving Jack back to work and coming home. Miranda has no clue what is going on and is at work by this time. SO I have two people an hour from me and I have to find a way to go and get them, at 10 p.m. IN the middle of trying to figure out what I will do a a telemarketer calls and I'm ashamed to say I was rather rude. (bascially I said "If this is a telemarketer I'm in really bad mood and very stressed and I have no FUCKING time to be polite to you and tell you to go away and I hung up) not one of my better moments.

I have a vechicle which is not the problem, it is getting Nathan watched and he needs to go to bed school starts on Wednesday. I call my sister. Which is not the best answer but she says she would watch Nathan till 11 when we got back. Nathan tells me he really would rather stay home and honestly I didn't feel great about leaving him with my sister she works and has kids of her own that need sleep too but she would not leave me stranded and Nathan really needs to be in bed.

To make my meeting I need to find a sitter in 30 minutes. Not alot of time when NONE live close. I call the usual one we hire and there is no answer. I call my Mom and she is not answering either and honestly I hate to ask her. Thinking I remember our friends who was here on the weekend to celebrate my birthday. They have a 16 year old daughter that is so sweet so I call and she is not home and at a friends but her parents race over and ask her if she would watch Nathan and she says yes and her father races her in here. THANK GOD FOR FRIENDS!
I make my meeting, Pick up Jack and Miranda and I'm home by 11 as promised.

Today I'm sitting here thinking about what I have to do and about my Girls weekend that is coming up in November. I really don't have the money to go but I so want to. I totally enjoy the time I spend with these ladies and its a hoot. SO While I'm trying to figure out how I can make more bookings and I'm not a pushy sales lady', the phone rings. It's the secratary at Nathan's school. They need a lunch hour supervisor and a sub for the daycare at the school. Without thinking I said yes! My interview consisted of the secretray yelling at the princpal saying I said yes and her telling me I was hired! LOL! At first I was worried how this would affect my life. SO when I got there I said I was going to give it a try till Christmas and we'll see how things go. BUT now I know I can make the trip in Novemeber. (Long as I don't spend the little bit I make on Weekenders. ;)

Now I can sell my clothes and also make some money to go away. AND maybe this will lead to something else. WHO knows. Looks good on a resumee.

And sometimes it's good to answer the phone too!

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BeachMama said...

Wow, a lot happened due to a phone call or two. Hopefully you guys can work out the car situation, perhaps carpooling won't be possible for Jack. As for the new job at the school, great! This way you can make the weekend and if you don't really enjoy it then you can stop after Christmas and try your hand at something else.