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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Few more Photo's

I have been taking Pictures like crazy to get some good ones for the Fishbowl's Back to School, photo contest. So I'm going to share a few I shared. Let me say it was great to see all the photos that went into that contest. I love seeing eager and not so eager faces racing off to broaden the mind. I love to look at photo's PEROID.

He is actaully walking backwards out the lane. LOL!

His face describes it all. Do I really want to go?

Here comes the bus. And there goes my little boy. On small step on the road to leaving his mommy and going out to do amazing things in the world...but not quite yet.

Things have been crazy here. The up's and down with my daughter and her so called boyfriend. Aww teenage love is such a fickle thing except in this case. They have been dating without any major problems for almost 2 years now. Pretty good for this age group I'm told. She is angry now and is not putting up with his crap. It seems to be smartening him up. BUT we'll see. I think he wants to go out with her but be able to look and see what else is out there. Well buddy, two can play that game. HA!

You know I have learned through all this. Is that Miranda will talk and talk about things that are bothering her to ME! Not that was a surprise but after hearing some stories from my friends I am really blessed to have this with her. I also learned that even though I have to let her solve this problem on her own even after spouting my infinite words of wisdom to her. I honeslty have to let her do it alone and decide what to do on her own and stand back and watch no matter how much mommy wants to run in and save her. And all Momma Bear want to do is go and give T a shake and make him see the light, one way or another. And you know that is a HARD thing to do. Very hard.

Oh about my job. Doesn't pay much. Dosen't take long to do but hey it's mad money! I do lunch hour supervison at Nathan's School. Although I find it hard to remember all the kids names. And they is only 75 to learn (or there abouts) I'll get there. At least it gets me out of the house and I go and work out before I go to the school. Good thing. No excuses now. Plus it forces me to be more organized so I get things done at home. LOL! Yeah I thought you'd laugh at that one.

Well ahve a great day. I 'm off to wash sheets and get ready to go work out and go to WORK!


BeachMama said...

Nathan looks so grown up!! Time seems to be passing us by. Congrats on getting back to working out and on the new job, it's all good.

As for Miranda's beau, well you know what I think... his loss.

twinmomplusone said...

yep, what beachmama said :)