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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Well it's over and done

It's done.
My throat is sore. I was exahusted and didn't want to leave. We sat for 15 min before we even got up to go.
And I'm living in the after glow.
The show I have been waiting for, is over.
And what it show it was!
Saturday night I spent with 17,500 of my closest friends to watch Bon Jovi do what they have been doing for 25 years. ROCK! It was one of the concerts I only could dream about going too. and I finally went and with Miranda, we had a blast! A group of us went and made it an event with dinner out and the whole 9 yards. It was 2 a.m. before I got home. (HI GIRLS!)
On our feet the whole time. Yes I one of theose annyoing people who like to sing and dance thorugh a whole concert.
AND If your one of those people who like to SIT and watch Sorry. BUT how can you sit? Doesn't the music move you? Sorry I had a few people in front of me who just sat the whole time. I think the lady was ill but still there. I felt bad for them.
I have to say the Jon can make that Crowd Move he invited us to GET UP and MOVE. And we did. I love hearing the crowd sing and I love watching them entertain. I didn't get the best seats, but it really didn't matter. It was awesome. I have never been to a better concert. He sang all of my faves'. PAST and Present. Started out with "We've got it going on" LOVE LOVE LOVE that song. Sang my all time favorite "It's my Life!" Bed of Roses, Dead or Alive, Have a Nice Day, and his first hit Runaway! i haven't heard that one in forever! The highlight of the whole show was the frist song of the Encore he sang Hallileua by Lenoard Cohen. OMG there were people crying around me. I was mesmerized. I can't wait for him to come back again. I will so GO! It was by far the best concert Ihave beer been too. Ever and I've been to a few. Of course he wasn't hard to look at either. SIGH.
Sorry no pictures. I forgot to charge my little point and shoot and didn't even take it in. I will never ever do that again. EVER. Learned a hard lesson. And He was close enough at one point to take a not bad picture. Darn...I wish they'd let me take my BIG Camera! I could get some awesome shots. Can someone say Press Pass? A girl can dream can't she?
Thanks Jon, Ritchie, Ticco, David and who ever else was on stage. Great Show. A Saturday night I won't forget for awhile. And Come back. I'll buy a ticket for sure...just hopfully a lot closer.


DaniGirl said...

Oh what fun, glad you had a good time! When I read the review in the paper and saw that Headley had been the opening act, I regretted not going!! (I know, my inner 14 year old is showing, but I really do like Headley a lot better than Bon Jovi... scandalous, isn't it?)

Anyway, sounds like a great time - and I would have been singing and dancing right along with you.

Silver Creek Mom said...
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Silver Creek Mom said...

Headley was very good and a great opening band. Few more ablums and they will be filling that stadium themselves.

I hope Jacob Never changes. Elegant ina goofy sort of way. KWIM?

BUT NO one can work a crowd like Jon Bon Jovi. You have to experiance to understand. SIGH. ;)

nancy said...

Glad it was everything you were hoping!

twinmomplusone said...

glad thatn your dreams came true!

BeachMama said...

So happy you had a wonderful time. Next time charge that camera!