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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Can you read this?

No photographs today.
You most likely can read if you're on the interenet at all.
Do you like to read books?
How about road signs?
How about picking out Christmas Cards for your kids and Grandkids?
Do you labour over them? and pick just the right one?
I bet you have.
Today I experienced something that I knew about, heard about, but honestly didn't really believe.
I met someone who could not read a word.


Standing looking at the cards trying to get the right cards for my nieces for their birthdays. And this gentleman was looking at the Gift Christmas cards. You know the ones that you can put money in. Well he is looking at them and and turns to me and says in French is this a Gift Card for a child? I look and I say yes but that is an English Card. He switches into English and tells me he can't read, never went to school. He says it's pretty bad when you can't tell English from French. But I say, you can speak both lanaguges FLEUENTLY! He laughs and relpies but that is just speaking, that is easy. I help this man in his late 60's pick out 3 cute cards for his Grandchildren. He thanks me, smiles and leaves to go pay.

I stood there for a few mintues trying to imagine my life without reading.
No books.
No cards.
Definitely no blogging.
I've met people who read slowly or badly but can read a few words.
Who just don't like to read.
My grandmother couldn't read much. But she could read some. Or at least know the alphabet enough to sound the words out. And she knew French from English.
But this is a First.
I've never met anyone who could not read ONE WORD.
Not able to read the detour signs when driving.
I just can't imagine how this man has lived his whole life with not a word read by him.
All the stories he hasn't read. All the Learning he has missed from not reading.
Our world is full of Words.
Words in many langauges.
Made me sad.
Very Sad.
How is going to read any letters he gets from him Grandkids?
I guess he has to get someone to read it to him.
How very sad.

So I guess I was his Santa today.
I could not live without books, words.
But ...
I have no words to explain my thoughts and feelings.


nancy said...

Warms my heart though, that he is willing to go buy some cards, and not ashamed to accept your help. Says a lot about his character, I think.

BeachMama said...

I am so thankful that that man met you at the card shop. I too am sad that he cannot read, he has missed out on so much.