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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, December 07, 2007


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Do you believe?
I sure do.
Not the store mall ones.
Just everyday run of the mill ones.
The ones we don't even know about.

I was over at Beachmama's reading about how she was brought up knowing there was no man in a red suit. Part of a Christian up bringing. By BIL does the same with his kids. Tells them the legend but the the man we see plaster all over is is just a marking ploy. And he's right, to a point. Yes this is a religious holiday deicated to the birth of Christ. I will not argue there. But what about the magic of it all? Isn't that part of it to? The Birth of Baby Jesus inspired this man St. Nicholas to care enough to make toys for Children. I think it's so important for kids to believe and imagine that they're are people out there who care. Who love them. Who are watching out for them. Otherwise this world can be a cold hard nasty place for a child. I see it every day at the school. They need to feel this love and this spirit.

I believe in the spirit of Santa Claus, St. Nick, or whatever you call him.
I believe that at this time of year St. Nicholas's spirit and loving live's on in you and me.
And it's not just in gifts, it's in the little things.
When you open a door and let someone go ahead.
When you smile at a stranger.
When you visit a older loved one.
When you let some one in in traffic.
And it is also when you buy a gift for a under privelaged child, or a book.
Or send out a Christmas Card to a person
And teach your child that there are people with a whole lot less than them
When you give that homeless person a loonie or better yet buy him a coffee and something to eat.

So I'm going to let my Child Learn about Christmas.
Learn that through a baby, a selfless man became a Icon to million of Children.
And no one can take that spirit away from me.

Merry Christmas all.
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I love your photos.
They are wonderful.

BeachMama said...

Great photos. And great post. There will always be a little Santa in my heart :).

jo(e) said...

Great post!