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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Alittle Me Vent

Ok Let's face it.
I'm not a tiny as I used to be.
I need to loose weight and I know it.
I'm in my 40's and a woman, don't you think I've tried? With out straving or working out 6 hours a day, 5 days a week it's not going to happen. I've been blessed with a stravation metabolism. If we have no food I will be the last to go. Got fat stores all over. In my thrities I was so totally focused on having my 2nd baby that's all I thought about. Staying in shape and watching what I ate slipped to the way side. PLUS all those drugs I took did not help in stay slim in the least. When I finally had him. I looked at myself and said WOOOOAHHH what happened ! by then it was too late.
But that's not what I'm MAD about

I went out to get what I call a "Suckerinnar". You know what your mom's you to call a girdle made with the tightest fabric and whale bones and tied so tight that most of us LADIES fainted from not being able to breath, to make us look smaller and in shape. I wanted a full body one. And they are made for very curvacious women but they are not made for me. You see I have this curse, apparently. I have a Long Torso. So ANYTHING I try on either
1) doesn't fit in the breast area and pulls the girls down, or the bra is all wrinkley cause ít doesn't fit.
2) is too short in the body that my stomach sneaks out below.
Ok TMI But you know what I mean
I figure there has to be more women out there like be that has a LONG LINE TORSO? Am I that rare that I can't buy something just to pull in all the little bits and stick out the other bits where they are supposed too. I've been to so many stores and they all say them same. It's hard to fit you.
And don't tell me just to get the thing that pulls it in in the middle. They make them for woman with a 34 inch waist and down. I'm a 36 if not a 38! If I was a 34 I'd be a happy HAPPY Woman.
Ok I know it's my fault for being so out of shape. But without surgery I'm still gonna have these folds and bits to pull in and it's STILL NOT GOING TO FIT.

Ok vent over. I just wanted to look good at my hubbies Company ball on Saturday.
I guess you all are just going to accept me as I am. Lumpy!
So much for WHAT NOT TO WEAR!



BeachMama said...

I hear ya!

But, Spanx does make a body slimmer that starts UNDER the bra and attaches to the bra so it won't slip down and goes down into shorts. My girlfriend has one and swears by it. I have yet to make my purchase, but I will be getting one, trust me.

valerie said...

Thanks for doing the research for me. :p I guess I won't bother looking, either, 'cause I have a really long torso - and no 34 waist (not to mention the roll just below). Let me know if you find a Spanx that fits - I've been thinking of looking for one.