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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let's Talk Canadian

No it's not about slang or all things Canadian it's what we Canadians talk about all the time, well besides hockey. It's the Weather.
Remember the storm of '76.
Or the Ice storm of '97. Where were you when it hit?
We Canadians love to talk about the weather Year around. It's almost UN Canadian not to mention some time in a conversation. Even if it's to mention how nice a day it is.
What's with the weather lately?
Just before Christmas we got a lovely 40 cm of snow. It was beautiful. The ski enthusitas were happy it looked lovely, yes I liked it. And I loved that SNOW DAY we had too with it all. You couldn't see my back deck for all the now. It was buried in snow up to almost the top of the railing.
Remember that?
This is what it looks like this morning.
(Oh the snow fell off my roof in one swoosh and broke a peice of the railing...we'll fix that in the spring)

And then it warmed up. And stayed that way till after Christmas. Wasn't bad weather. Kinda nice actaually. Then we had rain. And man did it Rain! Then the FOG. It was as thick as Peasoup (there is a expression here used to describle thick fog) I guess we expect a January thaw before we go into the deep freeze again for the rest of the Winter.
Usually one can see my house from the road. Not this one morning.
You wouldn't know there was a house down there with the lights on!

And remember my fence with all the pretty snow covered Christmas lights... The ones we coudln't see because of all the snow?
Well the day before yesterday looked like this.
So what's next up here?
Predicit more unpredictable weather.
Cold Snap followed by a Snow and More snow and then SPRING.

(Yes the I couldn't think of anything to blog about and I had these awesome pictures)

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valerie said...

wasn't the fog cool? I'm glad you got pictures of it. Everytime I went to pick up Sarah and couldn't see the school or the line of parents' cars, I kicked myself for not taking my camera with me.