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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Well Knock Me Over With a Feather!

I love my husband.
And I was minding my own buisness taking Photos of the Blue Jays raiding my compost that I hadn't dumped. I was not expecting a Surprise.


Surprise me he did.

He's not what a I'd call a romantic man. He doesn't usually surprise with gifts or flowers or say sweet nothings, but he's a good man. After after 25 years I didn't think there was any surprises left in him. I was wrong.
I can count the times on one hand when he has surprised me.
Saturday Morning was it.
We were going to his company Ball. The company he works for has a big one every year. This year it was at the Museum of Civilization in Hull. The whole thing is paid for by the company. It's really a nice event and the food is good, no scatch that, AWESOME! and I get to dress up and away from my usual jeans and a t shirt and big warm sorels. Anyways Jack told me to follow him upstairs Saturday Morning, he pulled out a bag and said you might want to pack this since we are staying overnight across the street from the museum. I almost fell over.
It was such a surprise and such a nice change of pace for us.
We had a great time and check out time because it was booked as there Romantic Weekend package was 4 p.m. instead of Noon. And the breakfast buffet was included. There was everything one could want. It was aweome.
Our King Size Bed. Nice and Comfy.

The view from our Room and abit of the Museum where the Ball was held.

Thanks Dear for showing me you do a surprise or two left in you. ;)

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