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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Hope you all Had a great Valentimes day

That's how the kids at School say it.
And it was a busy busy day for me.

The day broke Beautiful and Sunny and COLD. The trees were covered in Hoare Frost.

The trees shoe and Glittered in the early morning sun.

Had to stop and take a few minutes to freeze the fingers to try and capture that. I can't do it justice. But I tried.

Then I raced out to help out at our 2nd annual Valentine's Day Friendship Breakfast. Instead of having class parties they have a ONE BIG BREAKFAST! AndI love it, it's awesome. Happy Fed Faces and some days there are kids that are fed. We do have a Breakfast club but this is one the whole school part takes in. Great Idea.

Just a sample of some of the food.

Parents supply the foods and the stuff that dissappeared first...yougurt tubes and the fruit!


And they eat. And Eat. LOL

Then I raced home to shower and dress up abit. I took Jack to see Blue Rodeo Last night, with Friends (Hi Brenda, Hi Steve!) we had a great meal and loved the music.
Unfornately I had someone sit in front of doused in Perfume or Colone. WHICH makes me sick. Espically when it's cheap or strong smelling. I wish people would use it sparingly. I ended up taking a benydrl to stop my eyes from itching.

Now I'm home to sick with a fever and so is Nathan. He played quitely all day and I slept most of it.

But it still was a day to remember!

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kimberly-ann said...

I love Blue Rodeo!
I bet the concert was great (except for the perfume thing)