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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I made a decision...I think

I've been living with regert for years.
25 years.
And you know I've never felt complete, or finished.

You see back when I had the oppurtunity to go to University for nothing. Well at least tutuion free. BUT I was scared. Afraid I couldn't do it. So I went to an art school and enjoyed it. Tried to sell my paintings but never had the courage to go to a gallery. See I'm not a sales lady. But I've always wondered if I could have graduated. Jack was working here and spouses got to go to University tution free. And Jack tried but couldn't covinice me that I could do it. Maybe I wasn't ready to do it then.

Now with Miranda in college I keep wondering and thinking "Why I didn't do it? Is it too late? "
So in the last couple of months I have been thinking of almost nothing else and I can't get it out of my head. It's always there. I've decided to try go back to school part time and get a degree in Art History. The course that I loved when in CEGEP. I didn't do great in it but alright. ( I got married and moved out when I was there so there was alot of changes in my life.) Now I've said this out loud I actaully have to do something about it. I have looked into going here. I haven't even contacted the University to see what I need to do to go back as a "mature"student. And even if we can afford it. Can I write a paper? Things have changed so much in 25 years! From hand written or typed (GOD remember that?) to computers and electronic sources in the bibilography. I'm notroious for bad spelling and bad grammer, but that can be learned...right? How long will it take me? Yes it is a bad time to be thinking this, with Miranda about to go off and do her stint at University, and maybe that's why it's on my mind steady. She is going off and I need to do something to fill that void. But honestly, is there ever a good time? Will my family help me? I know Jack will. But the kids? Especailly Nathan will this be good for him? Mommy not at home as much and doing homework?

Now I have to sit down with Jack and the family and see what they all think. Can we afford this?
So many if's.

I could be teaching Art Histroy IF I had been brave enough to go and do it in the first place, BUT there is that regert again, so time to get rid of it and do something.
Let's hope they take me.
Am I scared?
You bet!
Going back to school at 44 or by then 45 with all these young people. I could be a parent to any of them.
I must be daft!
So I will keep you all informed of my progress.
Damn! I don't know where my high school leaving certificate or my DEC is.


Barbara said...

I know you can do it!!!!

kimberly-ann said...

It is nice to know I am not the only one in this boat! I think though, that you will find it easier than i might. having already done 7 yrs of University (sad isn't it...3 yrs full time and almost 4 part time), SO many things have changed. Including the program that I am returning to. Not only could i be their one of their parents, i might have actually taught them 20 yrs ago!!!!

And i know of several other bloggers who are looking at doing the same thing....INSTANT support!

Thanks for stopping by Wilsonworld!

Bonita said...

You can do it! I went back to school a couple of years ago to complete something that had been hanging over me for years. It was hard to make that decision but it was well-worth it, I am so glad I did...it relieved alot of self-imposed pressure and shame. Shame because I should have done it when I was younger and that I left it for so long. Shame because having not finished this part of my schooling I was prevented, or so I thought, from qualifying for some jobs that came my way. I have some very good friends to thank for pushing me to "go for it!"
Going back made me realize that education is wasted on the young. Now is the time I am prepared to learn, now is the time I want to know more...when I was younger I only thought about getting out of school and getting away.

BeachMama said...

YAY!! That is fantastic news. You can do it and you will do it. Grammar shmammar, that's what you have computers for... to help you out. You will LOVE it!