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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Glass Menagerie

Miranda's play "The Glass Menagerie" by Tennesse Williams Opened last night at Heritage CEGEP.
I couldn't say enough about it.
So I won't.
Pictures say it better.
They are grainy becasue I took them at a high ISO so I wouldn't need the flash.
It kinda suits the era I figure. Tonight I hope to be abit closer to get better pictures.
I couldn't have been more prouder of Miranda and her performance. It was so totally different from who she is. She pulled it off Magificently! And so did the others of the cast. And that is not just a Mother talking. Listening to others talking after they were blown away by it!

Laura & the menagerie
Laura and the Menagerie

Laura and Tom
Larua and Tom Wingfield
Laura sets eyes on her crush from High School
Laura Meeting her Gentleman Caller
Laura & the Gentleman Caller

Amanda and Jim
Amanda Wingfield (the mother) and Jim O'Conner

Jim and Laura Chatting

Jim gets Laura to Dance
Shall we dance?

Jim about to Kiss Laura
Jim telling Laura how beautiful she is.

When this kiss happened a bunch of the girls in the audience went Ahhhhhhhh! Which made Miranda and Matt very happy because it came across with the desired effect.

The last scene where Tom is talking about why he left and how the guilt of leaving Laura follows him, had the whole Audience in tears...yes me too. I was so mesmerized I didn't take a shot.

So If your in the area the next 3 nights...GO.

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