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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, March 06, 2008


What DO I DO?

Since I made the desicion to go back to school I've been looking into which programs would be right for me.
I know I would like an art history degree, and THIS University has a great BA program. Although some of the courses are not up my field, but who knows they might be interesting.
THIS University has both a MA program in Visual Arts which looks really cool (and I could do it with out starting out in a BA and has more interesting subjects that I would like.) I know a masters would be better but I'm not sure I can spend all the time need to achieve this. Plus they have a BA Fine Arts degree which if I was 25 years younger I would do. But who knows if I'm even reading this right.

I wanted to talk to Jack last night but by the time I got Nathan to bed (he has to read to me 3 or 4 stories now , LOL) And Miranda wanted to talk. Jack was out. Jack knows me the best. I still think I may be getting in over my head. And last night that FEAR was totally overwhelming. I almost said awww screw it. But in the light of day things don't seem as bad.

I guess I will try and get a moment to talk to Jack. See what he thinks of it all.
Some of you know me and some of you have never met me.
Do you think I could do what is nessary to achieve this?
Cope out? You bettcha!
I guess I need all the Kicks in the A** I can get.
Yes it's going to be a long haul till I actually walk in a door to a Univesity and start all this.
What if I'm not accepted?
I wasn't the greatest student. Now I think I would be different.
Can you tell I didn't sleep much last night?



Maybe you should try a couple online university courses to see how you like studying and how much time this is going to involve. Check out Athabaska they might have some art history courses available. Good luck with your decisions.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Athabaska has a University? Didn't know that.
And that's good advice...I will check that out. Thanks.