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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Univesrity Thing 2

I'm impatient.

Not most times, but when I decide to go ahead and do something I want things done now, or at least started.

I emailed the department of Art History at Carlton U...And I got an answer the same afternoon. They couldn't help me with my questions but Admissions can.

I have been waiting for an answer.


I found out it's deadline for Admissions for full time students this week.
I'm sure they are busy.

Very busy.

I've been put on the back burner I guess till next week.
I talked to a lady who went back to school this morning. She said the best thing to do is go in and talk to them. Then, get your self a Student advisor and if you click, stick with the same one to guide you on the courses you need to get what you want. I thought that was smart.

All I want to know is what I would apply to be, a Mature Student or a Speical Student because of what I want to do.

Which is to try a class, see how I do and then if I want to continue and apply that course to my degree.

I'll wait till after Easter before I call.

In Other News

I took part one of my carmera course on Saturday! It was exciting. I learned so much.It was all about the buttons on my carmera, which there are many. 3 hours of this. BUT he was an awesome, funny teacher.

Here is his website

He's been taking pictures for over 40 years.

Then they tell me they have part 2 of my camera course this Thursday. SO I took the day off work...shhhh, to go to it. I like having it close together. I will be able to apply it.

As for pictures here is a picture of Nathan on snow bank at Church on Sunday.

Nathan on snowbank at Church

Let's Jump!


Bonita said...

I took a course last fall with this same guy...I could have listened for hours more, he really knows his stuff and he's such a good teacher.

BeachMama said...

OOOh Maybe I will try to get him as my teacher. I am assuming you took the courses at Henry's. The one I wanted was not at a convenient time for me (4pm on a Friday! Downtown). So I am eagerly awaiting the opening of the new Henry's right by my place on Hunt Club... I am soo excited and saving my pennies.

Love Nathan Jumping!

And yes, go to the University, calling never works. Be prepared to wait.