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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What was isn't

Remember back to when you were a child? And when you were old enough to hang out with your friends you would roam around the neighbourhood and or the back roads where there was an old abandon building. And these buildings were always a magnet for preteens to use and abuse. Break the windows, go in had smoke/up in. Each one had a story or legend or two attached to them. Sort of like the story of the house in the movie Monster House. Either someone had died and still wandered around on a full moon.

I live here in Silver Creek we have or should say had one of those. It was a Cheese factory that was there since I can remember, sitting beside the creek that our area is named after. It's always been there. The people around here were farmers and hauled there milk there to be processed and made into cheese. The last person I heard of living, I only ever knew, as being only called Uncle Reg, in there had passed on long before I was born. But when I was a kid , so I was told, would sit in the upstairs window in a rocking chair and rock on a moonlit night. A teacher at the school I work at says Her father was born in that building. And Him I have never met.

I was never in it. I was never that brave. I know of many people who were. I have painted it many times when I was painting. It held a sort of fastination for me. What stories those walls could tell. How many parties where held in there? How much cheese was made there? Was there Laughter? But according to the people I hung out with his spirit still lived there.

Well I think his spirit has moved on. This past weekend the roof of the Silver Creek Cheese Factory has fallin in. No one has been in the building for years, yet people drive by it every day. And most, most likely, don't even see it anymore. But it's been a part of my life, my whole life. It's always been there. I'm sure it will be torn down after the melt. It's gonna seem strange not to have the Cheese Factory just down the road.

Things change.

Cheese Factory


I had to add this photo of Nathan at the stop sign. I took this on our way back from looking at the Damaged Factory. I guess when a six year old boy can reach the stop sign the snow banks have a way to go yet before they are melted. ;)


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BeachMama said...

Oh Hubby would have loved to roam through that cheese factory. Great photos. And look at Nathan, so tall :)