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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

While waiting for brewing coffee

Waiting again.
For my morning cup of coffee. Since we bought a coffee maker I make one cup a day and add some of that french vanilla fat free creamer. Yum.
But instead of wasting my time I took a walk with my camera.
Nice way to enjoy a beautiful May morning.
I took a walk on the neighbours side of the fence. We have a 100 acre farm and it is very seldom I take a walk on someone elses property. Something I have not done since I was a kid.
I felt they would not mind and they are not back from their Winter
Winter home in TO.
Here's what I saw.



Yup wild leeks or wild garlic depending where your from. I personally don't like them but I know hundreds would tresspass to get to these and they are becomeing harder and harder to find since it takes them about 7 years to get established and grow. These are young the shoots are pretty tender. I, personally am not a fan of these. They are quite safe from me and I won't telling anyone where they are growing. My little secret. Live and let live.

Interesting Branch

I just walked. And looked. Things have grown up a lot but I can see that from my living room window. It's one of my favorite views from the house. Once I even saw a deer grazing in the little meadow, no such luck today. I did enjoy my 20 minute tromp through that area and at one time I would have felt great guilt for tresspassing, but today I felt no such thing. What harm was I doing? Just enjoying a small piece of land I haven't been in awhile.


The infamous Silver Creek. I have not seen this part of the creek since I was a kid and used to cross it to go to the neighbours farm, just up the other side.

This is an old hen house. I can see it most of the year but very seldom I can get that close to it. It one of the reason we built the house where we did.
Tub of trees
All things return to the earth. Slowly but surely.

Broken Glass
Inside the hen house...Glass... and years and years of leaves.

Enjoy this beautiful day.
Take a walk.
See what you can see.

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BeachMama said...

Your last two posts are fantastic. Both for the photos (love the red trillium) and for the essence of waiting..... While I wait I surf, the net that is. I used to just wait,now I find something to occupy my hands.. the computer, knitting, baby, J, something... I don't like waiting anymore.