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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

BluesFest 08

OH If I had only bought the pass!
I've had a blast the 3 nights I have gone.
The crowds are HUGE but it so wonderful to have heard so many bands.
I've seen the Tragially Hip
The Cooper Brothers
James Taylor (OK that was an awesome show and I wasn't supposed to go)
Matthew Good
Boz Skaggs
Fergie ( I watched some of the show just to say I did)
I got some good Shots the night of James Taylor but I was in such a rush yesterday to leave I took my camera and FORGOT my camera battery in the charger!
So I'll put up a few today of what I seen the other night.
The Cooper Brothers
The Cooper Brothers: Great show and the base Player was so entertaining to watch.

Dave Cooper,Les Emmerson

Funny Man
See what I mean?

James Taylor
He played the full 2 hours where most artists play an hour and a half.

James Taylor


I got alot of great shots of James Taylor.
On a side note.
James Taylor fans are not the most polite people I have ever met.
Jack, Miranda and I staked our place out early so we could be close, just before the show many people came and stood infront of us which we asked them to go somewhere else we where there. ONE Lady REFUSED To move and said I take the spot that is open. I was really not impressed she basically pushed us out of the way. She was taller than me and Miranda and blocked our view. I made sure to use my camera alot. I think she was not pleased about that BUT I Refused to be bullied by someone as rude as that. We all want to be as close as possible, but you should have arrived earlier and not be inconsiderate. I think I perfer stadiums.
What do you think of last minute arrivals that push there way forward. I for one just stand back and not shove in. What do you do at an open air Concert?

Next year I'm getting me a pass!

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I get my ass to the front!!