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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Can we Talk Public Transit

When Miranda got a job downtown on Sparks Street we were thrilled. Right on the bus routes.
A few steps from bus stops.
Now I know we live in the boonies according to the STO.
BUT Honestly does no one use the bus on the weekends?
I understand not as many buses run but is 1/2 the bloodly fleet is parked on weekends?
You know how hard it is to get my daughter home on Saturday on the bus. And SUNDAY is laughable. I finally discovered that the World Exchange Plaza has free parking on weekends, she can drive herself in and I don't have to spend my weekends driving her. Not that is a problem but it is not good for the enviroment and I could be writing blogs.
ON Saturdays -There is no way she can make the connection to the Buckingham bus at 4 :20. at the Prommenades. She has to wait a whole hour just for a few mintues that she misses that one bus, 12 mins. And try to get her there on so many other buses...but of course they don't run on weekends. So I drive to Gatineau and pick her up and it takes me less time than her waiting a whole hour for another bus.
People we try to save the planet but if it is not covenient to take the bus then I can see why people don't even bother.
I am totally disgusted with this system by now.
Rant over.

It's been busy around here. I've been off with friends, to concerts and on the internet trying to make sure I don't have a time conflict with the 2 classes I have. I can't take the seminar I wanted it's conficts with my Art History class. SO I changed women's studies to english. SIGH. I like english but it took 3 tries not to have it at the same time as my Art History Class.

Last Thursday Bluesfest opened, and a girlfriend and I went and saw the Tragically Hip. I wasn't really close enough to take pictures so here is the best one I got. Let me say I think I ingested as much pot smoke and the people who were smoking it around me. I was pretty tired all the next day. I haven't been in a cloud that thick since the late 70's. LOL! It was a huge crowd.
Tragially Hip

Today Nathan and I drove Miranda to work and we spent the morning at Parliment Hill watching the Changing of the Guard. It was fun but hot. And Here's another bee in my bonnet about people giving free adivce or listening in where they are not wanted. I'm sure this lady ment no harm but boy does it piss me off to have someone correct me when they ahven't heard the full story or have any buisness listening. I was talking to Nathan about how with the spatts where on the pipe bands legs and of course Nathan had no clue what spatts where so I siad the white socks and this lady come up behind me and say BTW they are called spatts and you should call them what they are. I just smiled and nodded. Then she proceeds to tell me that my son should be wearing a hat. I said well if you can keep it on his head your welcome to. She said well there should be no arguement. HUH? I really didn't apperated being reprimanded by someone I didn't know. I'm sure she raised fine kids but let me raise my own.
Here's a few shots we took this morning.
Nathan and the Lion
Nathan And the Lion

Stuck getting out.
This Gentleman sword got stuck getting out of the Van he was in. He needed help. It was funny!

The friendly RCMP !
Remember him from the Musical Ride?

Governer General Hounour guard

Well that's all I have to say for now. Off and running.

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BeachMama said...

I am so sad I missed the Hip! Hubby and I really like them, but alas we were on our way South... The beach is fine and the ocean wonderful. I am 'borrowing' someones Wifi!!

As for that lady, well, I have a few choice words for her, as you know ;)