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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008


From my family to yours...and if you're not a Canuck well you are for today. So pop open a cold one and Chill!
My family!
Yup! It's July 1st and all Canadian are doing there own cool Canadian type thing.
Some I know have big ass back yard BBQ's !
Some go and do the festivties in there own communities.
Some just relax with family and go to the cottage.
And so go to the BIG ASS PARTY on Parilment Hill!
I love being so close to the nation's capital!
Most years we drive up to Hull and watch the fireworks from there.
This year Miranda is downtown and went and see the opening cerimones! She call me twice and had to hang up when a policeman asked to check out her bag! LMAO!
I love Canada day.
I cry watching the cermoines. Yes I'm one big sap!

I have to so much to blog about but that's going to wait till another day. I going to show you the photos took watch the RCMP Sunset ride! We eneded up all being there and loving every minute of it.
Here are a few shots. You can't get much more Canadian than the Muscial Ride!
A Mountie!
A mountie went through the crowd letting people take pictures or making them. You don't argue with a mountie! He was too funny. He seen a camera and said Come here and would give the camera to someone else and pose with them or puthis hat on the head of a kids and take the picture himself. TOOO FUNNY!

Like I said take the picutre himself!

Showing our working dogs
Working dogs and their trainers. Nathan loved this. Our dogs would never listen like that!


RCMP pipe band

What beautiful horses
Beautiful Horses

Love it.

NICE...Nathan got to pet one of the RCMP Horses...He was thrilled. I had to hold him over the other children so I didn't get a picture.

I have so many more but I'll stop for now. I only took 250 shots.
Happy Canada Day where ever you are!

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kimby said...

Hey Roomie!
I know i am a few days late, but I was away from the computer for a few days...Looks like your Canada Day was wonderful!
Happy belated Canada Day..from one Canuck to another!