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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have a 7 year old in the house!

Nathan and the cats Nathan and the cats

7 years ago I had my little boy. One we wanted with all out hearts.
He was early. He was supposed to come the end of August close to my birthday and I thought that would be cool. Miranda's Birthday in in June with Jack's and Nathan could be in the same month as me.
He had other plans.
Photobucket Look at what I made! We made two. One Chocolate and one Vanilla!

He was a struggle from the get go. We could not have been happier to find out we were finally going to have a 2nd child. I was sick for the whole 8 months, and then he decides to arrive early.
6 weeks early, and was a determine little boy from the first day.
Nathan has always walked to his own beat and drum.
There were times I thought...I wanted 4 kids? Was I nuts!
He always does things on his own terms and this will serve him well as he gets older. Just really hard on us, the parents...NOW.
But today we had a happy little boy, building lego and happily running out the door to go to Science Camp, which he loves by the way. He is changing and turning into a great little boy. He's happy and wants to learn, just abit on the lazy side when he finds things a little tough. We're working on that with a little saying "Smart people know enough to work hard to get their dreams"
Photobucket Cake time with J

We had Nathan's party on the weekend, and thanks to some great Friends we had a great time. Even the downpour we had didn't stop the fun.
Sprinkle fun , well before the downpour .
Many hotdogs later everyone was happy and fed and relutant to leave. And like all great Birthday parties, the kids were exhausted from all the fun.
Nathan as usual marched to his own drum and had a hard time settling down to sleep.
But the last thing he said was:

"Mommy, I had a great party and I apperciated every gift I got. I like them all."

And that my dear friends is why I love my little man with all my heart!

Photobucket Sprinkler Play with J, C and L

Photobucket Apple was here too!

Logan L was leary of the bigs boys but he had a blast watching!

blowing out the candle His almost 7 cake since he was not quite 7 on Sunday!

Happy Birthday my fine young Man
Mommy loves you. Your one great kid!
Your going to do amazing things in your life!


jo(e) said...

Happy Birthday to Nathan!

What great photos.

Silver Creek Mom said...


BeachMama said...

Happy Birthday Nathan. We were so happy to be part of your celebration!! And Mom took some great photos :).