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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Playing Tourist

This summer I decided to take advantage of Miranda working downtown to show Nathan the sights. Yesterday we did a Double Decker bus tour.
Our Bus and my little man waiting to get on.

Nathan was Free and I was $20.00 for an hour 1/2. I must say I loved the tour and learned alot.
As you would expect I took alot of pictures. We did the tour which took us to Gatineau(Hull) and we could get on and off the bus at any of the museums and then back on when we wanted. What a way to see the city!
My Handsome Man
Waiting to leave.
By Sparks street.
The tour leaves from Sparks and Elgin all day long.

Nathan and I opted to stay for the full tour which was alot of fun and Nathan did alot of talking to anyone who would listen. LMAO!
He wanted to sit near the front but where he could hold on but yet see out. He was alittle nervous.

We're Higher than a city bus
Higher than a city bus

Peace Tower
The Peace Tower even looked different from the top of a double decker!

Listening to our tour guide before talking her ear off again.

We watched boats coming through the Rideau Locks and talked to a soilder.
This poor guy was so bored no one was talking to him and then he met Nathan!
They both have the same smile and Nathan loved him.

He wanted Nathan to wear his hat but Nathan kept saying no...it's yours. LOL!

The Soilder was explaining how the locks work to Nathan. He was watching and would not leave till the boats were up and away!

We had a nice supper in a resturtant where he tried to pick up his first Waitress. He even gave her our address since she was working last night so she could come today. Tooo funny!

The took in the Sounds and Lights show on Parliement Hill. Then after to finish the day we went to Tim Hortons to pick up Miranda and come home. I show you those pictures and more in another blog another day. I only took 250 shots... and so many good ones. ;)
It was a good day with my little man, and that's what he is becoming.
I totally enjoy my dates with my son.


twinmomplusone said...

how fun! Did something similar with the twins a few weeks back: walked around the parliament buildings (the cats were a hit) spent over an hour at the locks, took a boat ride down the canal, lunch and walk about at the byward market...nothing like being a tourist in one's own city :)

And great pics, as usual ;)

Silver Creek Mom said...

Thanks, it was great fun. And where is your Pictures?

kimby said...

I miss Ottawa! We want to take the kids up there now that Buggy is older. For History nuts like we are, there is no better city!

Munch and I had a date the other day as well. The whole time we were talking i just kept thinking.what happened to my baby? He is soooo grown up now. The teen-aged girl checking him out on the bus just confirmed it. (he didn't notice her, so i still have a bit longer to go....thank goodness!)