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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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I decided it was time for a change!

I write this Blog for me, no one else, just me. It is a way to think outloud, and to share my experiences with the world. Maybe some will be interested and some will not, and who knows, I might figure something out myself. I will talk about whatever comes to my mind, and sometimes it is hard for me to do, but I will do it anyway.

I enjoy photography so you will see a lot of my work. I love to read and you will see quotes from my favorite authors. Generally follow my life as try to obtain my undergrad in Art History and English at Carleton University.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

OH boy where do I begin?

I know.
It's been awhile since I've been on here.
I've been busy.
Life can be so complicated.

First off I want to send out a huge hug to my close friend who just underwent a mastectomy this week. She is sooo young; in her mid 30's and two young boys under the age of 6. This is the second friend of mine in the same group who has had to have this happen. My other friend is just finishing her treatment and has been an inspiration to us all with her strength and grace through it all, and this one is about to start. Can I say I hate this disease? If there is anything you can do, send even $5.00 to the Breast Cancer Foundation, every little bit counts.

The rest of this seems not as important,but I will post it anyways
I 'm just getting over a nasty head cold. Let's hope that is it for this year.
Volunteered at Nathan's school SPAGHETTI SUPPER
Which was so much fun and a HUGE success!
I have been getting used to my English lit class which has been fun and the Professor is a really nice person, I am feeling more like I should be in the class instead of mothering most of those kids. I'm working on the outline of my essay
And the first essay is due right after Canadian Thanksgiving.
I'm still trying to figure out how the heck you get that symbolism or comment on the human condition or society from the stories I read for class. Man the last one was "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka. I swear to God the man was on crack. But after I did a little research on the man alot of the story became quite clear, although not it all. I wish there was a formula to reading these stories and tearing them apart. Modernism. Sometimes I think Shakespeare is easier.
And just today I have to clean up the house, when I get sick most of the house goes to pot!
Get Groceries, and clean house, cut grass, take down the tent, which should have been done weeks ago, get ready to process Chickens tomorrow, and try to get a few moments to finish up retyping my notes, and works some more on that outline so I am ready for the essay writing workshop on Monday!


Why am I on here then? Well because I sold my first photograph this past week. (Sort of) A friend of mine who is an amazing Photographer in her own right, loved it and wanted to buy it, but I decided to trade and trade we did. I got one of her beautiful shots that I know I will never tire of. When I get it framed I will show you (with her permission of course) I also took the same photo blew it up and framed it and donated it to the spaghetti supper and it went for $80.00! I was shocked! The teacher who bought it had to find out who did it and hugged me for such a beautiful piece. I was surprised to say the least. PLUS, yes I'm not done, 2 other people approached me and want to buy it too. Gotta figure out those water marks and soon.
Here is the photo
Yes, I've had it on here before.

Yesterday I went out and took some shots. I can't seem to go a few days without taking my camera and taking a few shots.
So here is a few I took yesterday. (I only took about 100 in the space of less than a hour)
Mushrooms 2

Mushrooms Mushrooms 2

Maple leaf 2 Shadow, Colour and Light

Grass Delicate

Shadow, Colour and Light 2

Maple leaf 1 Orange

Fall1 Cedar Seeds

Yes, I'm still look for that A paper pill! Anyone find one yet?

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BeachMama said...

Love the leaves. Great use of colour and light. And as you know, I am so proud of you and your photos. Sell, sell, sell, if someone is willing to buy, sell....

same goes for your paintings :).

Thinking of our friend too, got my running shoes on and going for Gold.