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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

University? Who ME?

Yesterday I had my first University class.
I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be.
I arrived early got a Timmy's (they have 4 on campus and just opened a Starbucks, I'm in trouble!) Sat in the quad in the sun and watched the young ones walk by. Some interesting creatures to say the least.
I had more trouble figuring out what to wear. Trying to look young without looking stupid.
I had a little trouble finding the classroom but another young lady and I found it.
By the time we went in the class was 1/2 full. Nice start I guess.
But no Prof.
As we are waiting I chat with the young lady beside me she is very nice. I'm MOM age to all of them. No one my age but I didn't expect to see anyone in my age bracket.
Then in strides this young man in one well fitting suit.
Handsome...to say the least.
He was the professor.
NICE. ;)
If I had known they were that good looking I would have gone back to school years ago! :)
He's funny and easy to listen too with lots of info. Although I am still worried about how I will do in any class. It's so out of my field. I have never been great in English. This may be a struggle but let's see how it goes. I guess I will have to work hard till I get my first paper back which is on October 8th. Then I can judge how I am. It's the inclass stuff I am worried about the most.
I have never been strong in spelling and grammer. I sort of just wing it. And writing formally is forgien to me.
I wish they had a first year seminar in art history then I might not be so worried.
Ha! I'd be worried anyways.
Here's my first day of school picture.
Nathan took one and I used my timer and took another.
No comments about no smiles, I might not have been too nervous but I was nervous enough.
Off to do my homework for tomorrow's class.
Have a great day

Nathan's view of me
Nathan's shot of me.
That was the nicest part of my day. When I woke him up I told him he had to help me because I had myfirst class that day. He said to me ""Come here you!"he hugs me and says "You're going to do great!"What a boost of confidenice.

What I actaully wore.


kimby said...

Can you believe it?

Yeah for us....so lets dig in and work on those papers..( i have an english one due next week, and a religion due tomorrow-which is done)

You look very nice in your pics...and I could see us having coffee together..checking out the profs!


You look great! Best of luck!