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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Well I'm not 19.

And I didn't have to be there, but I was.
I was some out of date anomly that no one wanted to talk to or be near.
Let me explain
I got this package from Admissions about Academic Orientation day, which was yesterday.
It said that all NEW students had to attend. I called but no one could say for sure if I was to go or not, so I went.
The traffic was horrible and there was accident on the route I was to take.
I got there just in time and had NO CLUE where to go.
I asked these people that said Ask ME on there shirts, they had no clue either where I was to go.
I finally find someone who says Oh I'm sooo sorry You didn't need to come this is just for the first years, the, ahem ,kids, but I was told I could go anyways. I figured I was there I might as well. I got a snazzy t shirt and went to the end of the opening cermonies. IN 4,000 first years I was the only one over the age of 25.
Then we were ushered off to meet the professors in the Art History deparment. Very nice all of them, but you could tell they were surprised to see me. There eyes would scan the crop of young faces to find mine and their eyes rested on me for a few moments longer than they had been. I was the only one with an empty chair on either side of me, no matter how much I smiled at all those young faces, but you can tell they are just out of high school, being in a place where an adult is a student is foreign to them, but that is fine. I'm not there to socialize with them. Needless to say I felt very uncomfortable and out of place.
UNTIL I met the Candy Lady.
In my department there is a small art history library and she runs it. She is a sweet woman. She keeps a bowl (Well it's a huge basket) of candy on her desk for all the art history students. She seen me came up and asked what I was taking (because Film studies and the studies of Architectural history is in this department) I told her and said I felt abit out of my element because I have a daughter this age. She said to me NO you have every right to be here and if there is anything you need or are not sure of I'm your "go to lady"I smiled and then she told me of a 70 year old 2 year student and said I was way too young to worry about that. LOL! She followed with me through the halls of the department chatting. She made my whole day. Although I do have to say one of Miranda's friends is in art history and she did chat with me. I heard one student ask why she knew me. She said I was the Mom of a friend and I was pretty cool. Thanks Ashley, you made me smile.

A very sad part of my day was when we were in the gallery they were talking about an artist and teacher they had and how they just took down a retrospective of his work. They said he had died a few years ago. I teared up and looked so surprised that one of the prof's seen it and came over and asked if I was ok. I said I had knew the man he taught me several drawing classes years ago. He was amazing person and artist, I had not known he had passed away. One student heard me talking to the prof and said you took art classes and I said yes. He smiled and turned back to listen.

After this there was to be a free BBQ for all the students. I seen that mass of young people and Opted to call my hubby and have lunch with him. We had a nice lunch and I came home.
Monday I begin my University experience with my first class.
Wish me luck and lets hope more than the professor will chat with me. and I'm still not so smelly that some one will sit beside me. LOL!

Here's a picture I took on the way to school yesterday.

I took the ferry to avoid the slow down in Gatineau and this I saw while crossing.


kimby said...

That is why i was glad they had a separate Orientation for part-time, transfer and mature students....
In my Canadian Literature course, NO ONE but me knew when confederation was..and they could only name 3 Prime Ministers. I looked around the room and realized it was because none of them are old enough to vote! Of course they wouldn't know who Malroney, or Turner, Or Trudeau was (although they might "know" the names) most of them weren't even born.
I felt VERY old in that class, but at least i made myself look smart. (and the extra marks for class participation...easy when you are the only one old enough to know the answers...LOL)

I have finished my first paper (Religion), and have started my English paper. Just hope that the "goodness" of the Religion class is felt in the other two on tuesday when we actually get to have lectures.

YEAH for us...we did it! We are in SCHOOL!!! (and it is always smart to make friends with the one who controls the candy!)

kimby said...

PS..in the picture where i am not smiling....I am, but i was tired from the morning "get ready for school" routine that happens with the kids at the beginning of the school year...that and i did not sleep very well the night before...(nerves?)

Anyways, next picture i will make sure i have a bigger smile...so all can see!