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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Saturday, January 17, 2009


I like to look.
Watch people.
Just look.
Since I have gone back to school I've noticed a few things about the younger generation.
They really haven't changed too much since I was that age, many many eons ago.
BUT there is one glaring difference.
And I'm not saying that all the kids are like this, more often than not they are.
They have no manners.

Now I'm not saying the are down right rude out and out but they seem to have no clue when to do certain things or how to talk to people.

For expample, one thing I was taught that I see is lacking is that they do not acknowledge your presence when you enter a room. For months I have been in the same English Lit class, about a hand full will walk in look at me and smile or say good morning. They rest come in and totally ignore me and others. I always walk in and say good morning but to no one imparticular, and a few will look back and reply. I have to admit I only know a few of the names. BUT They all know mine. Most likey because I answer alot of the questions thrown out by the Professor and he happens to say my name.

Another example is not knowing how to address a professor. I have to admit here that I am on a first name bases with all of mine. I'm the same age as them so I think that qualifies me. BUT while in class I am careful say Professor whomever and not the first name. After our last class in Decemeber one young lady had forgotten to hand in her essay...she is running down the hall after our Professor shouting "HEY WAIT!" I said to her so she could her "Excuse me Professor ...." She turns to me and goes Oh yeah. ( not to mention her paper was wrinkled and cover in crumbs...sigh) Excuse me, this was appalling to me. If my daughter did that I would give her a lecture on manners.

The biggest shock to me has just happen in this last 2 weeks. I have started my Art History lectures. It's a big class of 300 people of all ages but most of the 18-20 age group. During these lectures the Professor has teaching assistants in the audience making sure people don't talk. If told twice they are asked to leave. This last lecture the guest lecturer had to stop many times to get the talking to stop. I was flabbergasted. WHY? Another thing is if they are caught on Facebook or Myspace they are asked to leave. MOSTLY because the people around you are distracted by it too. I know I have had long chats my my English Prof about this. He says they should know but but what can one do. Well in a big lecture hall you're sent out. I thought this type of thing was done with in High school but the new wireless, instant contact age has made policing lectures a priority.

I'm going to give them a break, most of them are just arriving from high school where I havwe-e seen there little effort placed on manners, and they are away from home for the first time and that cannot be easy. BUT basic human kindness and manners are important to make this a saner world. Don't you think? And lets see how they change as they get older. I'm making this my personal Anthropolgy project. ;)

Of course I am learning that at my age and I'm not saying I'm old just in the minority, the Professors really remember you, there is no way to get away from this. My Art History Prof has already chatted with me many times and already knows my name. Last week waiting for an elevator after seeing my English Lit Prof, I met another Prof in the English department. We chatted all the way down and introduced himself to me. Let me say That all of the English Professors are handsome. I may have to switch my Major (just joking) but I might make it my minor if I can get my grammar up to snuff. WHICH my Prof says is not that bad. Not sure about that. But this other Prof, assumed I was teaching and when I told him I was a student he was thrilled to hear I came back and asked if I was enjoying it. I am. We stood and chatted about 5 min. How awesome is that? Just chatting with a total stranger. The next time I seen him, he smiled and nodded hello. I was shocked that he even remembered me but I guess I'm not one of the usual students so that makes it easier to get to know and remember someone.

Well off to work on a Presentation I have to present on Monday and get ready for company for supper.

This Blog may not be updated as much. I am busier and I need the time on my courses.
But I will try.

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BeachMama said...

W5 did their show on Manners tonight. Don't usually watch it but Hubby and the kids were waiting for me to finish baking some cookies. William Shatner was the host, it was unbelievable the rudeness out there. Shame I say, just a shame.