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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Any Homework tips?

Any homework tips? Any at all?
My son is a cute little devil and he is smart but he pulls everything in the book to get out of homework. Scream, yell, take a temper tanturm and cry. It has gone on as long as two hours before he settles down and does it. I know he is bored and would rather play with his toys and I have set up a routine and consesquences and after almost a year the same thing happens every day to a lesser extent. He has even tried to cuddle and do everything but his task at hand.
Like Right now he is asking when Christmas is coming...sigh.


Miranda has been off sick for the last week, she has had a nasty flu that is hard to shake. She also heard from Concordia and did not get into the Theatre Program she wanted but they did accpet her into the the other program Theatre Major not Theatre performance...I feel bad for her but she took it with style and grace and has accpeted that program. I know she loves to act and this was not about talent it was about what they were looking for and she almost made it...almost. I am happy she will be living close to home and can come home when she wants too.

Fence in the mist

I am waiting for Friday when I can pick the two summer courses I want to take for the summer. I am taking the first part of my art history and another course with my English Professor. I so enjoyed his classes and what we were studying that I have looked into doing a combined degree so most of my classes will be either in Art History or English and has less electives. My English Professor is excited for me and I'm glad about that. I got my final grade for my FYSM is 76...not what I wanted but good enough. Still waiting for that Art History Mark though.

Update: he sat beside saying he is frustrated, and trying to cry...Tom Hanks has nothing on this boy. Too bad he doesn't like to act. I keep talking but say the same words over and over. I'm sick of it and so is he. I've tried bribes, I have tried surprises and I have tried to make it fun and I am afraid, deathly afraid he is going to fall behind and not be able to catch up. Maybe he should fail a couple of times just so he knows what it feels like. Tough Love? You bet. You have to fail to learn and I think our kids don't do this enough. Failure is a part of life but try to explain that to a 7 year old. Now he changed and talked about the letter z and how it is not a common letter...WHAT? He has 15 min of homework a week and we have now been here 45 min... Yes I was paying attention to him but it still does not help.

Breath in ....
Breath out...
I should go and take some pictures that always unstresses me.


Marla said...

For Nathan:

We don't have homework yet, but I'm sure when it's Josie's time, we'll have issues. Here's what I do when it comes to other things, like putting toys away or chores:

Do it at a different time - instead of after dinner, get it over with right after school? Or, if it's only fifteen minutes, can he do it at school somehow? The end of the day is so hard - we don't save enough energy for it sometimes. I talk to Jo a lot about "saving energy for the dismount", and I need to practice it myself. Somehow kids have energy for everything but what they're supposed to do, especially when they can sense the parents are running on empty.

Can he do it with someone whose buttons don't get pushed? I'm always at loggerheads with Jo about how and when I expect things to be done (well, and right away); Steve is more easygoing. Guess which one of us is going to be in charge of homework? Not I. Like you, I'm happy to let her fail. Or, I'm going to ask the neighbour's daughter to come over. Someone neutral. She always performs better for strangers.

Do it one thing at a time. That's how we pick up messes: "Can you choose just three things that will make this room look neater?" - stuff like that.


For Miranda: A door closes, but a window opens.

For You? It's good that you're doing things for yourself, whatever they are.

Marla said...

OH! and change of homework venue? Maybe the where is not working due to distractions? What if you go somewhere else? I know you don't have coffeeshops next door, but what if you even just go on the porch on a nice day?

And my last thought is, can you spend any time observing the teacher to see what's done to get the attention and focus while in class?

Since I've been volunteering for craft projects, I've brought "One, two, three - Eyes on Me! / One, Two, Eyes on YOU!" home, and it works to get Jo to drop what she's doing and get with the program. And I learned with the active boys, to invite them to do the project when they need a change of pace after they have done what they're most anxious to do, and after what they least like to do. Both work equally well. Nobody's going to pass on their turn at the water table first to come string buttons on a pipe cleaner to make a caterpillar - and they'll quickly write their page of J's so that they can come and do the craft with me. I watch them carefully to see when they're ready, then call him. That I learned from my dog - there's no sense calling her when she will not come - mid-butt sniff, too far away, in them middle of rolling in something -- but if I catch her right before, or before she's out of reach, or before the thought of rolling becomes an action, she listens.

Maybe you could watch Nathan, and catch him when he'll do the homework, instead of trying to make him at a time when he just won't.

And don't you have Kids, Parents and Power Struggles? Or was that Nancy? Either way, I'm due for a re-read of that too.

andrea from the fishbowl said...

Marla's suggestions are great.
What works for us: homework done in the same place at the same time everyday. Afterschool is best. The faster it gets done the more time there is to play before/after dinner. It took awhile for her to "get it" but now that she does it's a lot less painful.

We still have issues, mostly because one is at a school where they get ZERO homework and the other gets LOTS, but that's a whole other issue. *sigh*