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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, May 15, 2009

September 1st

That's the day my baby girl moves out and away from home for the first time.
She was supposed to room with friends but after the one day of looking at places with these friends she knew she could not live with them. She wanted to be close to school not a 30 min subway ride away. Plus the place one of them had picked was not in the greatest part of town. Whether my girl know it or not she is an independant sort. Jack and I knew she was not going to be happy so Tuesday we went back to Montreal and started from the University and walked the neighbourhoods near the school. After many nice but $$$ places and many Cheap but disgusting places we found the perfect spot and she signed the lease then and there. It's fairly clean filled with University kids from her school and also has a number of older couplers who the Super said have been there forever. She was THRILLED. She is a 5 min walk to school. In a 1 1/2 apartment right in the hub of what I am going to call the University strip. Concordia, MacGill, University de Montreal, Dawson. They are all in that area. She can get up at 8 and leave at 8:25 and still make it to class on time. The Library is right there. My friends has stepped up to the plate offering her things she will need in her apartment. We are so touched by this out pouring of love and help. Thank you all.

The worst part is that I now have a date for when she is leaving home. I knew this was coming but having a set date sort of makes it very real, not something that is going to happen sonetime. I know I am going to have trouble with it but I am relieved that she can pop on the bus and be home in 2 hours if she wants to. I love my Girl. I know she is ready for this. I am so proud of her I knew this roomate stuff was not going to fly and I knew she would be miserable and she would be the odd man out. But it is still hard to deal with the fact that she is a grown up, a young woman about to start an adventure of a life time....without me. How hard it is to let go of after years of looking after her. Now she has to look after herself. I now know how my mom felt the day I got married. I going to do my darnest to keep back the tears, keep a smile on my face, and make this as much fun as possible for her. Miranda YOU can do this and I know you will love living alone in this city with many old friends and making many new ones! YOU are going to be a sucess, you have the drive, the smarts and a beauty on the outside but most importantly a beauty that radiates from within. I love you.



BeachMama said...

Beautiful post Sharon! You both will cry and do great at the same time.

Are you working on the list?? We are cleaning out stuff we no longer use so tell her to get that list ready.

Angela Giles Klocke said...

Awww...and what a beautiful picture!


Wow! They grow up so fast.

jo(e) said...

I know that feeling ....