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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So called Reality

As you know I’m not much of a television person. I rarely watch due the fact I find there is nothing on worth watching. I guess I get bored easily but who can watch anything with so many reality shows on television these days.

The only reality show I watched was the Mole and that was because Anderson Cooper was host but that has been taken off the air. I watch Canadian Idol when it’s on and American Idol when I have the time, Yes, I know they are a reality shows but at least you are seeing entertainment and not what they will do to each other. I don’t really watch much else. I did watch a bit of Project Runway Canada but that was because it was filmed in Ottawa and I knew one of the models and a friend of mine had another relation on the show. I still wasn’t fond of all the cattiness and stuff that went on in any of the shows.

But lately my daughter has been watching a lot of these types of shows, Jon and Kate plus 8, Next Top Model, both countries, and a few others. It’s got me to thinking why do we want to watch some else’s lives and what is happening to them. Isn’t there enough drama in our own? Isn’t there enough going on in the news to enough of enough this idea of what humans can do to each other? It seems now everyone who was once somebody is now getting a reality show to show how miserable their lives have been because of fame and make some money because they are broke or want more. Cooking shows where becoming a chef means being used and abused and swore at…hey I can do that to you for free and not on TV. Are there cooking shows where they just cook now adays? What we can do to survive with people watching and filming it? I can’t stand shows that show the depths humans will go to win or anything to manipulate lie and cheat. They are making sport of human lives...and yes they choose to go one, but are they really thinking about all the repercussions that can and could happen after it is all over? Not all are bad as this but then again, some are worse. I can’t believe how popular they are. What is it about these shows that make us want to see how miserable we can be to get what we want? Has humanity dropped into a pit of total callousness and lack of caring for the other humans on the planet all in the name of fame and fortune and this is supposed to be entertaining for us to watch.
What made me think of all this was my daughter talking about Jon and Kate Plus 8. I have seen the show but I'm not one that watches regularly and if I do it's only for a few minutes while I run off to do something else. Apparently the season finale was sad, due to the fact that the parents are haveing martial troubles, and this makes good TV? How sad is it that those little kids have the paparazzi following them all the time? Is that a normal life? And what has the show done to the parents? Seems so very sad to me. Miranda was telling me about Canada’s Next Top Model and saying how the show is dividing them into camps on purpose so she says to create more drama than need be. Is this really necessary? And what moreover is why do we want to see what goes on in there lives, why are we watching? Is there nothing out there that can entertain us more than seeing others be mean and nasty or go through hardships? I have a hard enough time in my life with friends going through troubles and trails of there own. NOT to mention the things that go on in my life, that I don't even talk about here. I used to enjoy TV more when I got 3 stations not 300.

This blog is usually for normal life, day to day stuff that I want to share. Maybe this blog is the same as reality t.v. but somehow that seems worse only a few read here, I don't have a big blogroll and that is ok. I do this for me to think, but millions don't tune in weekly to see what horrors are happening in my life. My life is just not that interesting and I don't post my most difficult trials here. I do blog about some things to get help that may work in my life and that in itself is amazing! I can get advice from the best people in the world. People who are caring and willing to help. BUT Who helps these people? After the producers make there money and that season is over...what then?

Maybe I am just a soft hearted moron who can’t see the entertainment value in this when it seems so many others do.
Tell me what do you think? Because…



BeachMama said...

I don't get it either! I don't even watch entertainment shows because I feel like I am part of the paparazzi. I do watch a bit more tv than you, but it is usually in the background while I work on something else.

My faves are Friends, Chuck, Alias (when it was on) good ole fashion stories, something to laugh at, think about, or follow. A story that is all I need. Real life is hard enough without the cameras following you around.

Loukia said...

I don't often watch 'reality TV' shows. Okay, I'll admit that I used to watch Newlyweds: Jessica and Nick, because I liked her, and it was fun to watch them and see her nice clothes and her fun life... but I don't really watch Jon and Kate plus 8. That show should have been maybe an 8 week documentary about how hard it is to live with and take care of that many children and that's it. The fact that it has been on the air for so long is just wrong, if you ask me. Why do these parents want to expose their children to this? I get that they might need money.. but still? It's wrong. The fact that cameras have been in their faces for this long has ruined what was (I think) a good marriage. How are they going to feel about this when the cameras stop rolling and they are out of the spotlight? I think Kate is actually enjoying the 'fame'... I saw a picture of her the other day and I thought at first it was Victoria Beckham! Her skirt was wayyy too mini. Just wrong, if you ask me. I guess people like these types of shows for the entertainment? I prefer to watch my Grey's and The Office. And Desperate Housewives!