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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I absolutley LOVE going to Concerts!
I love it as much as going to plays, only I can take pictures at concerts, well some of them.

I love the music...I love seeing the preformers...I love seeing how the crowd reacts to certain songs and sings along and I LOVE LOVE taking pictures at concerts. I could easily do this for a living.
Think of it! Flying all over being in the front row of any concert and shooting pictures of these amazing, talented people and get paid!

Bluesfest here in Ottawa is one of my most favorite music festivals and I just wish I had more MONEY and TIME to shoot these things.

This year I seen one of my all time favorite bands STYX!

I was supposed to see them over a year ago but canelations and scheduling made me wait. And I now know it was for a reason, TO be able to see them here and get so close to be able to shoot some amazing photos.

I also heard a smaller band called Concession23, which a former teacher of Miranda's is part of. It's Bluegrass but it is very good.

And of course I went seen one of the most favorite Bands of Bluesfest...Bluerodeo.

Tommy Shaw
Tommy Shaw having fun

Ricky Phillips

James Young...what a comedian

Lawerence Gowan...couldn't take my eyes off of him. WOW can he play and sing.

Loved the revoling Piano

The band having fun... Apparently some young chick flashed them!

Look the muscle in his arms!

What an amazing gituare player.

Lawerence Gowan, he is one interesting and agile man on stage.
What amazed me the most is how much they interacted with the crowd in gestures and thing to throw out at us and just plain nice guys and appericate the fans...and let's face it...with out us there is NO band.

Concession 23...A great local band.
Nick Strachen of Concession23talking to his groupies...Miranda and Friends

Fastinated by hands and instruments

The band Concession 23.

My most favorite Canadian Band Bluerodeo
I've seen them a number of times and they never get old or hard to listen to!

Jim and Greg

Playing his Harmonica

My best shot of Greg...


PhotobucketI was on the wrongside of the stage for Jim...Next time I will know better.

Well enough with the concert photos. I have to say I took alot and I did keep the best for myself. but my not half bad are pretty good too.

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BeachMama said...

Sharon! How awesome you got to see Styx finally. Your photos are awesome. I always think it would be great to shoot concerts and remember when I used to work at them how jealous I was of all the guys with Press Passes, I don't have any contacts anymore to get me one :( .