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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, July 09, 2009


Our last stop on our whirl wind tour of Southren Ontario is one of Miranda and mine most favorite places to be, Stratford Ontario.

Miranda in her favorite  place in the world!
A Stage for Miranda

It is one of those towns that you fall in love with and end up having your favorite spots to hang out in or eat in or shop in everytime you go.

AND I love the plays and I love Shakespearian Plays. I didn't get to see any this time but Miranda and I did get to see Cyrano de Bergerac and West Side Story. Jack and Miranda seen MacBeth. Nathan is still too young to sit still through a play and his interest does not lay there yet, but maybe one day, then we can all go. We take shifts going to these plays. Last year I did a Road Trip with Miranda and a friend, this year it was just us.

Cyrano de Bergerac was awesome! Colm Feore and he was amazing in it. He is a long time presence at Stratford over the years and he is well worth going to see. I can only hope and pray that Miranda has a wonderful career there as he has over the years. He is also playing in MacBeth which I am told was awesome but Miranda was upset becasue she has never read the play and you really need to have first hand knowledge of the play most times to get it.

West Side Story ...well let me say was TOTALLY AWESOME. The dancing and the singing and of coures the acting was outstanding but I expect this for this festival. I am never dissappointed when I go. I had to laugh when Tony was shot the shot rang out and scared the heck out of the whole audience and wee young thing sitting behind us said in the clearest voice after the sudden silence "Why did they kill him" I love hearing kids at theatre performances. It was perfect.

I also did some people watching and as you should know by now I love to watch people. This time it was worth it. One early morning walk with Miranda I seen this face I thought I knew but I wasn't sure who it was till I was passing her and heard her speak...it was the actor Cynthia Dale out having a walk and a coffee with a friend. Miranda of course didn't see her. And Coming out of West Side Story I seen Canadian Funny Man Colin Mochrie....and of course Miranda didn't see him, until I said it and she jumped up on a bench and did.

Here's a few shots of our visit there
Playground Fun at the Festivale Theatre site.

Daddy and Nathan Try together

Jugle Gym Fun
Miranda's turn

What's a trip to Stratford with a walk by the River.

busy swans


Miranda's Future Place of Work and Nathan

Time to head out and head home.

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