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I am a MATURE student in life and University. I am a mom to a 21 year old Daughter(How did that happen?) and university student. Mom to a busy 10-year-old boy. Wife of Jack-of-all trades for 29 years. Sister and friend to many. Sharon just lucky I guess.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

Welcome to my new and improved Blog.

I decided it was time for a change!

I write this Blog for me, no one else, just me. It is a way to think outloud, and to share my experiences with the world. Maybe some will be interested and some will not, and who knows, I might figure something out myself. I will talk about whatever comes to my mind, and sometimes it is hard for me to do, but I will do it anyway.

I enjoy photography so you will see a lot of my work. I love to read and you will see quotes from my favorite authors. Generally follow my life as try to obtain my undergrad in Art History and English at Carleton University.

Please read, enjoy and comment, open disscussion is welcome.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Feeling alittle overwhelmed these days

I have just one more class in my summer American Lit Class. Even though I loved it and had a head start on it, I found it tough. 6 weeks what should be done in 3 months...way too much for an English class anyways. Then I have the final. I won't do that next summer I think I need the mental break.

Miranda is moving out in less than 3 weeks. Although I am excited for her new adventure in life. I'm really going to miss her. Not her mood swwings, but her smile how silly and excited she can get and just gosh darn how much fun she is to have around, well when she is around.
I have stuff to buy for her apartment and that is getting to me.

Nathan starts school too, I am already not looking forward the the homework fights. I just wish he would be interested in doing something anything at school. Smart kid but so not interested in school.

I start back to school in 4 weeks. I wanted to take 3 classes a semister...Not happening, I had to get persmission for some of the classes and by the time I got an ok...anything I would have taken was closed. I'll put my name on waiting lists and see what happens.

PhotoMoment #5
Here a shot I took 2 days ago in the rain.
I love drips, suits me don't you think?

I think I will go and watch a movie till everyone gets home for supper...dogs on the BBQ!

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