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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back in classes

Yes, I'm back into full swing with 2 classes this fall. I wanted to take 3 and it didn't work out and in a way I'm glad. Things are busy enough with the two classes and with the usual stuff that goes on in daily life. Grant you things have been simpler for some reason this year. Nathan doesn't have a huge amount of homework and he has been doing it with little fights, not the full out screaming matches we had last year. I hope it lasts.

I, on the other hand have been having trouble focusing. I'm not quite sure why. I seem to have a bit of burn out I guess coming off a summer full of classes although I am not sorry I did them. I did learn tons more and am able to write at a 2nd year level with out too much embrassement. Maybe I needed more of a rest.

I'm loving my photography class, it's very exciting to see how photographs have developed and changed and even how they were thought of over the years. I have an interesting paper to write. I have to pick a photograph from a list given and tell how it would be updated or produced now. I even have to produce said update. LOVE IT! I have to go in tomorrow and do research on it, and see what I can do. No trouble focusing on that class. And we even have a field trip to the NAG! Can't wait. Daguerreotypes here we come!

British lit is another question in itself. The Professor is a very, very, sweet older lady, but she is very, very, very hard to follow. She rambles all over the place. I like her but I think I was spoiled with 3 semesters of a really interesting lecture style and professor, and maybe it is just the subject matter as I was really interested in American lit, but I do have to take British lit as a requirement for my combined degree. There is really no deep meaningin some of the readings and Old english is almost a forgein language. We even had to read out in class today. Kinda cool. But I do miss Professor American Lit (what I will call him as it is what he teaches) his style of teaching and interacting with the the students. He is getting a reading list together that I can read for fun. I'm afraid I have been spoiled from reading fluff. I tried to do it on my break but was bored to tears and reached for a text book and read something in there. OH dear I sure many authors are not pleased with me about now.

I had a meeting Professor American Lit. He took the time to go over my last paper and was very encouraging he also gave me a grammar book, which I thought was a nice parting gift and was not necessary. (Yes I needed, I really, really needed it, but he could have given it to someone else, but I didn't say NO) One of the last things he said was "I'll have you doing an English Major before long." I had to laugh. I feel good that I can now write an ok paper, but lets see if I can get that up to an A+ paper. My goal in English no matter who is teaching. We both agree that I might end up in school for the rest of my life, and we both agreed there are worse places to be.

Life is quite without Miranda here but she is loving Montreal and living on her own and her university life. Nathan misses his big sister but has adapted in typical little boy style. He is teasing her when she is home but calling her diaper head and poopy face. Ah boys and bowel movements. We talk on Skype when we can and phone too. So it's not like she is really gone, plus she has been home every weekend so far, but we know that will stop soon as things get moving in school. I still tear a bit when she leaves for the week, but I know she is not far and will be home soon.

That's a wrap folks...I have to cast Heath Ledger in The Old English Poem The Wanderer and support it with text.


BeachMama said...

Yay for new classes! I know it will be hard to change profs but, it will be good for you, help you grow your writing style.

Great photo!

jo(e) said...

I'm jealous that you get to take a photography class!