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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Last week was an interesting week to say the least. It was a very emotional one.

1st day of grade 3
Nathan striking a pose before going to the bus.

Nathan had his first day of grade 3. He was so excited and he has an amazing teacher this year. After a few minutes of talk she says this “Class I am known as a strict teacher, does anyone know what strict means?”The parents all chuckle and laugh. I think it’s just what my young man needs at this point. He needs to be forced to focus and needs to find out what real learning can be like and love it. Although I do know I may be fighting an uphill battle on that one. He loves his teacher and is excited about school. Let’s hope that lasts too. Nathan has changed a lot in the last few months. He is more mature, more articulate, yes he is always talking but his word choices are more advanced. He listens a bit more and is not taking as many meltdowns, well not as many up until this past week, and well that is totally understandable.

where's that bus?
Where is that bus?

in class
In class and all smiles!

Another first here was one that has been coming since her first day of kindergarten. Yes, Miranda has moved out and off to attend university. I cried that day, but not in front of her knowing that THIS day was coming, and I didn’t cry in front of her then either. Yes, we packed up my little girl, on Tuesday, filled the van and the car and drove down to Montreal and unloaded her and her things. Her many, many things that we spend oodles on getting for her into her first place in the city, with one huge closet. Every girls dream! LOL it was a great day and the mommy tears were shed in private in the car on the way home. She has called every night to say good night to her brother, who does find it hard now that she is gone, no one to tease and get angry as quickly. We have put Skype on both laptops now and when her internet is installed we can chat that way, once and awhile. Miranda is ready for this. I have done my job. And it was easy to do a good job with her. She will now never really live at home again. Let just say that knowing that is the hardest part. She comes home on weekends but this will never be the place she will be in forever again. Although I am so excited for her and her new adventures and new friends, I am still a mom and want her back her with me. I love that young woman dearly!

walking Nathan to the bus
Miranda walking her brother out to the bus on moving day.

Miranda ready to leave the nest.
Ready to fly the nest, with water and a plant.

Photobucket Photobucket
A lot of stuff to make life at university fun.

opening the door to her new life!
Opening the door to her First place

Concordia (well one of the many many building in downtown Montreal!)

I turned 46 on the 23rd. And I had a pretty good birthday, even if all I did was study. I got a wonderful laptop for my birthday that is going to make school for me so much easier. I can’t wait to actually use it for that when I get the chance. On the 24th I wrote my final exam for American Lit. I was not sure I was ready for this. I knew all the quotes I had to talk about and I wrote what I thought was pretty horrible essays. I even took a sight panic attack during the exam and had to sit and calm myself to finish it. I walked out there shaking and feeling low in sugar and not happy with myself. I was sure if I passed it was by the barest of margins. I got an email this week from that Professor and he said I have gotten an A on it. You could have pushed me over with a feather! I was thrilled. I will see him this week and we will see what I did right.
This Thursday I start my 2nd year of university. I don’t have all of my first year credits yet. I hope to in the next year, but between override requests and internet bugs I missed registering for those classes, ONE I would have loved to been in. This Fall I will be taking History and Theory of Photography and British Lit. And in the winter I will be taking Modern Art and the 2nd half of the British Lit. All of the classes look very exciting. I am looking forward to starting again, even if it was only a 2 week break.

This week I have filled with coffee dates, School, and appointments. I sure hope things slow down slightly and I don’t want too many more firsts for a while. Not sure Mommy can take it. ;)

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BeachMama said...

Don't be so sure she won't call home, permanent again. My parents thought they were in the clear when daughter number 4 came back home ;) (after 7 years). And my older sister was 30 when she moved out for good.

And Nathan is just growing so well. I know you get the rough stuff just like we do with J, but he really is a great boy and will thrive in school, just like his Mom.