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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, October 05, 2009

I don't usually get ticked

Ok maybe I do but I can swallow it and move on, but this is sticking with me and I don't like it.
Maybe it was because I was tired.
Maybe it was because I was worried about my little boy who is home sick here with a nasty cold.
Maybe it was because I felt like crap, lack of sleep or lack of caffine.
But I do not like it when people talk down to me.
And that is how it felt.
I was a little frantic today. I had a class that went on a field trip today. It doesn't really matter where or what for, BUT I felt about 2 inches tall by the time I left.
There was no reason for it.
When I arrived the person was talking but stopped to say" HI Sharon," Which I took as an opening to ask if I could go through what we doing early so I could get home to my son and let hubby go to work. He graciouly stayed so I could do this. The response to my request was, "Well I was talking to the group but ok...sign in at the desk. " Do you think I interruptted when the person responded to my presence and acknowledged me? I don't. But I was made to feel like I had interuppted.
Then after this event was over, I was waiting for my propsal on my paper I have to do. I acciendently called this person, (said Thanks so and so but softly) who is my age or younger but no older, by their given game. This person came over and infront of others placed their hand on my shoulder to say " I'd prefer if you called me Professor..." I looked at this person in shock and said I was sorry and left. I have known this Professor for a year now. I have always used their title, except when chatting one on one, I was tired and made a slip. I don't feel, I should have been chastized infront of younger people like I was there age. I agree, I should have used their title, my mistake, but a whipser or say something later would have been better. I know I have a Student/Teacher relationship with this person, I meant no disrespect and I admire the work and effort you put into your education and getting your degree but I need respect too. I am doing something I feel, is difficult too, going back to school at my age and trying to fit in with the much much younger students. I don't really fit in, some accept me mut most don't even give me a glance or the time of day, but you know that is ok. I am not of their generation and I don't need to be. I enjoy the learning and listening and hearing about things I have heard about but had not time to study.

I feel though I may be a student I am equal in the respect that Ihave life experience the same as the professor. I have done many things in my life but I am also parent just like this person, and their children are younger than mine. I was not asked how I should be addressed. I have never been much for Ms. (insert last name here) or Mrs. (insert married name here) I have a given name of Sharon and pleased to use it. I do not expect to be treated too much differently than the other students, but that is in itself difficult considering I am the same age as most of their mothers, and the same age or older than the professors. I will not be treated like I am 19 year old with no values or morals and manners. DO NOT USE your letters behind your name for power of over me. I will not tolerate it. I have sent the Professor an email with an apology...which is not what I wanted to do. BUT I will not address this person in any other context than Professor so and so. from now on. I have learned a lesson, and if asked I will request that I will be address as MS. (insert my last name here) If respect is what you want, Then I demand the same, we are equals being that we are the same age. I defer to you in what you specialize in, but I will not be talked to like one of your children. You know what made this worse about the whole thing? It has taken all of joy and excitement, I had in looking at the special objects I had no other way of looking at before. Sadly, that is not what I wanted to happen.
And beautiful they were.

Rant over.

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BeachMama said...

Some people are just really hung up on titles Sharon. It is not you, it is them. Try not to let it ruin what you saw, but perhaps a little chat with the Prof (which I never addressed any of my Prof's by their title way back when) it warranted.