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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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I decided it was time for a change!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas

I know I have not been around much and I was thinking of dropping blogging altogether.
With School and family, there never seems to be enough time to stop by here and write something. Although I sometimes wonder why anyone would want to read about my life, but NO matter, I enjoyed doing it. I was talking to a friend last week, while we were doing one of our favortie things which was looking at art and photography. I mentioned that I was thinking of dropping this blog. She told me NO just go in and post your photographs once and while. That makes me happy. Well it makes me happy too. SO for now I will continue to do so.

School is over with for the term. I've enjoyed these 2nd year classes and I am still amazed that I can still do this. I never considered myself all that smart. And yes I still have grammar issues. Figuring that out may take me a lot longer than I thought or would like. I am still holding a B+ average, which is good. Next term, more British lit, and Modern Art 1900 -1945.

Awhile back I asked my English Prof (from last year and summer) for a list of books he enjoyed or thought everyone should read.( I asked my Brit Lit Prof and she said we are covering them in class) He gave me a list of 10 and some had great movies if the reading got too much. I had to laugh. I love to read so I will only watch the movies after I have read the books. Anyways after much back and forth saying I have read half this list already he came back with a book he suggested last winter. William Faulkner's, The Sound and the Fury. Told me it was "hard as HELL" his words, and he thought it was the best book in American Literature. He had me with hard as hell, I'm thinking it is no where near as hard as Chaucer. HA! Boy won't think that again for a long time!

What I wanted was thought provoking books that I could read on the side while I was taking British Lit. Chaucer is not my cup of tea. I just wanted something else to caputure my mind. In the middle of the term I take this book out of the library and begin to read. I had NO clue what it was about. I had read a number of Faulkner's short stoires and the book, As I Lay Dying, and enjoy them all, but this one threw me a curve ball. I realized that this is not a book one reads easily. I email my Prof and ask him HOW In hell am I or anyone for that matter, this book without a road map? But as I struggled through I see what he (Faulkner) is doing, even if I am not getting all the timelines. I begin to enjoy piecing this work together, and then the light at the end of the tunnel. This Professor shows up with his copy of the book with all the time lines highlighted and written down, laughing at me and saying he knew I would read it and take up the challenge, but I was crazy to try in the middle of a term. He was right. Chaucer is now grade school English compared to this. LOL!

I love this book. I love the challenge it gave me. I love that I had enough training to figure out some of it on my own and ask why is he wrote this as he did. I had coffee with this Professor and we talked about the book for 2 hours, and I still have bunches of questions. I'm reading it a 2nd time with the timelines and it is making much more sense. I still can't get over that I am enjoying this so much! University is teaching me that I can do things I would not have even attempted 2 years ago. And I LOVE IT!

Christmas is coming and as usual I am not ready! The tree is up, the decorating is almost done, but I have shopping to do and it freaking cold here today and the 3 vechiles we have won't start.
Jack is on the hunt for new STRONG batteries, so I may get out of here by noon. Miranda is home till January, Nathan has a few more days and then we are into just hanging together as a family, and with Friends.

I want to wish all of you who read or Lurk...a MERRY CHRISTMAS and ALL THE HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IN 2010!


twinmomplusone said...

that friend of yours is very wise indeed ;)

have a great Xmas with your loved ones, enjoy your break from school


Silver Creek Mom said...

Yes...Yes she is. I always listen to her. One of my closest friends.

BeachMama said...

Yes, you and your friend are very wise.

Love those photos Sharon, great job!

valerie said...

lovely pictures. The one that looks like a forest fire got a "wow-wee" from Sarah. :)