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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, January 29, 2010

OH Hello! Yes I Do Blog Here

well sometimes.
I really don't know how some people do it ALL. I can't do just a few things.
What have I been up to...well school. A lot of readings this term and I am about to start Paradise Lost by John Milton.
Life in general has been nutty.
I have a thing or two I want to lecture about.
Yes, lecture.

Do pay attention to School Bus Signals!
I almost lost my neice this past week due to lack of attention and driving way too fast to control the vechile he was driving on slippery roads. Luckily my neice was only bumped by the tow truck that came inches from killing her instantly. According to the police. He smacked the school bus she was trying to get on. Thankfully the only thing that happened to my neice was a nasty bump on her face from falling face first into the ditch after the tire glazed her. Also teach your kids to pay attention to the bus driver and watch for bad drivers. That was one of the problems the bus driver seen the truck coming and tried to stop her...she just walked across the road not paying any attention to the driver. Yes she is young but still you have to look.


I want to lecture about is ...weather...
I'm not sure that the weather cares or even knows who I am but HOLY hannah make up your mind. Monday it was warm and raining. Today it is sunny and FREAKIN" COLD! I mean -33 C with a windchill when on Monday it was +3 C and raining. I can't take the dramatic change.
Then when I left Ottawa yesterday it was nice and sunny and then I hit the worst weather conditions I have ever driven in 27 years of driving! Sudden snow squalls! I hit them as I drove across the Bridge into Hull and I didn't leave it till I hit Angers! At one point I pulled off the highway and sat in a parking lot till it let up and what scared me the most about it I couldn't find the exit and then I seen traffic lights...I was already on the exit! I had no clue where I was! Completely white everywhere I looked. Scared me to death!
snow squall
This is the 2nd squall coming through and looking out my front window at the fence, 50 ft in front of the house. And this was no wear near as bad as what I drove in...this is good vision!
And it got worse.
This is what it looked like a second later! THIS is the shit I drove in!

School is going well. I do have to get another paper done but that is ok. I am enjoying my classes and hoping that I can take something from May to June.

This was taken at a friends house a few weeks back.

Well that is all for now. I haven't got a lot of time for much of anything. Off to perfect my thesis!

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BeachMama said...

So happy to read that your niece is ok. One of the biggest reasons J doesn't walk to school alone yet is that he doesn't pay attention to the drivers. Big lesson to be learned or I will be walking him around FOREVER!

And thank you for stopping in the snow squall. I have been in a couple and the feeling of not knowing where you are is just so freaky. I took a couple of similar photos here, one minute it was sunny the next I couldn't see the swings in the backyard, then I had to walk to the school to pick up J.