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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Who would you invite to dinner?

Mr. William Shakespeare!

I think this is an interesting question and I know it has been done to death.
BUT Honestly who would you?
And don't give the the standard answers like Jesus, Mother Theresa, Einstien (although he might be a hoot!) Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep (she would be fun for sure) Let's narrow down the fields abit. Let's do what I am in interested in, it is my blog and I can do that! Let's say any literary writer alive or not (ok I am Hijaking Andrea again!) I find writers very interesting since I cannot write worth beans I would be able to see them talk to each other and find out how these ideas come to the page. I love the creative genuis. I would add Artists but I think that might be pushing it and then this would become the blog that never ends!

William Faulkner: OK you knew I was going to say that. I love the Sound and the Fury! (now that I have read it with the timelines written out and in context) and I want to know how he wrote the book, how he came up with the concept, and was he drunk a the time! I'm sure he would have a glass or two at my dinner party.
I put this in because it look like the cover of the Sound and the Fury!

Maragaret Atwood: My favorite Canada author for sure. I've seen her interviewed and she is such an insightful woman! I have read many of her her books and have 3 more on my shelf waiting to be read. When I get the time. Although I would be intimidated by her, I think she would be very interesting at dinner converstation.

Tennesse Williams: I love his plays! Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Street Car, Glass Menagerie..etc, Enough said!
Miranda as Laura in The Glass Menagerie

Mark Twain: since he was such a character in real life, I would sit around my table putting up with his cigar smoke, waiting to hear what dribbles from his lips. He would be the comic relief.

And this party would not be complete without Bill.

William Shakespeare: Never wrote an orginal peice of work borrowed from the ancients and used what was out there and made it his own and became a Renaissance Icon! I have read and seen more of his works than anyone on this list!
Puck and Lysander in Midsummer Night's Dream

By the time I graduate I'm sure I will have more to add to this list. More Canadian content would be nice but I have to take the course first. I thought this group would be fun. My apologies to Maragret for being the only living writer on the list!

A dinner Party Chez Sharon with dinner guests that would be interesting. I hope. Let's hope a bar room brawl doesn't break out! And when it happens you are all invited. (and of course I used this Blog as a chance to revisit some of my Photos of these books!)
Now what do I serve?


BeachMama said...

With that crowd you could go two ways. A platter type affair that was filled with cheeses from all over the world, breads, olives, small tastes of prociutto and the like. Lots and lots of wine (red of course). Or you could go with the traditional feast that included something large and roasted right on the table, but again lots and lots of wine.

You picked a great group, it would be nice to sit around and hear them all talk and discuss how they came to their writing. I am sure that none (except Margaret) got the chance to truly be appreciated while they were alive and to share their knowledge.

Now who would I invite to dinner? Would it count if it was a whole band and they were still alive??

Silver Creek Mom said...

OF course it would...You go girl!