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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

I want a key to the inside

I remember being a kid in school. Elementary school.
I was not popular and I was shy. I was picked on steady. I really didn't have many friends or one I could say that was my best friend. I really was a loner until I reached College and that is where I met one of my closest friends that I have to this day. Most teachers were not interested in me or my imagination. UNLESS it pertained to what was going on in class. I was often told to sit down and be quiet and I learned fast that if I was quiet, no one bothered me.
I was not interested in what was going on in class. It was boring. Sitting in rows and quietly doing work was an invitation to me to drift off to parts unknown.

Miranda was fairly popular but was picked on no matter what she did. Grade 6 was a bugger of a year for her. My heart broke to hear her cry and I did what I could to problem solve and give her ways to fight back. Going to school and getting it stopped would have made things were for her being that we live near a small town.
The only ways she won out over those girls was when she moved to Junior High she made new friends that were closer to her temperament and interested in the same things as her. She did have the ability too to work within the school system and teachers did like her.

Now I have Nathan. Not a popular kid at school from what I can see. Has most of the same things the other kids have, but he for some magic reason is not liked and included, just like me. And just like me, he has NO interest in school, but has an imagination that could fill a large room with tangible ideas. He could discover a cure for cancer, or any other disease, develop any number of ways to help people but he is being squashed. He is falling through the cracks, in somewhat the same ways I did at the time. The intelligence was there but like me, I had no interest in doing things the way they wanted me to. I see this in Nathan. The difference is he is more vocal about his likes and dislikes. He refused to do a math test this week, purposely failed it because he had done the stuff over and over and was BORED by it. I get a note home from the teacher that saying that he may need help. HUH? my KID? Who was getting perfect scores last week is now in need of help? I have him being tutored...what more can I do? How do you get inside the head of an eight year old boy who has never done anything according to plan. Hard to conceive, delivered early, walked when he damn well wanted to at 16 months, pickiest eater I have ever seen .

HOW do I get him to work within the system? I am sure there is greatness in this child. His imagination is being bored out of him. Punishment doesn't work. Just makes him feel worse about himself. Bribing doesn't work, if he is not interested, he is not interested. NOT even a new game for his DSI will motivate him. I can only hope and Pray he figures out on his own how important it is to work and work hard...even if you are bored to tears. His Mommy almost learned this too late. BUT she recovered and graduated high school and went to college and art school and is now loving every minute of learning in University but of course mommy is doing it on her terms. I guess some things never change.

I really want to know what is going on in his head. What wonderful and amazing things are there for us to discover. He never really talks about what he is thinking, but I do what him not to make all the mistakes I did. Work within the system for awhile, KEEP that IMAGINATION rolling, and one day when you are an adult, let it loose and create something wonderful for us all!
Nathan, wake up, the world is waiting for you, you just have to grab it and do it in a way that will let the world let you do what you want to in your own fashion.
Mommy loves you and your greatness.
The World is Waiting...


BeachMama said...

Aww, I feel your pain. If only our kids didn't have to be so much like their Mothers, eh? He will thrive, I just know it. It may just have to wait until he is done with that school and goes somewhere a little more fun. Hang in there Mom!

twinmomplusone said...

WOW. So well written, so well said.

I echo everything Beachmama said.


Silver Creek Mom said...

Thanks Twinmom...Thanks Beachmama, I know he will I was jut hoping sooner rather than later!

jo(e) said...

I hate that schools so often don't know what to do with a kid like that. Sometimes the right teacher somewhere along the line can make all the difference in the world.

For my youngest child, it's been his piano teacher who understood him and nurtured his potential.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?