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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

I should be studying ....

I should be studying...
My last exam is on Monday for Modern Art....Fauvism through to Surrealim. I totally enjoyed this class and the Professor. I am at school to get away from the distractions of my normal home life.
I can't help thinking about everything that is going on around me and in my life. It has been eventful.
A friend of mine died, I have told you all about that in my last post and I will go this week and say goodbye to her in my own way. Another Friend came over for tea and as I invited her and husband to my Husband's 50th birthday, she told me her and her husband have seperated. I feel bad for them, but they have to do what is right to each of them. I do not Judge.
Miranda moved back home this week for the summer. YEAH!
Her Boyfriend went to England with his parents and then Volcano in Iceland errupted, and now they are stuck there for the time being.
My Brother in Law is moving into the house that my husband has been helping build for the last 3 years. Finally! Maybe my life can go back to normal.
Last week had a wonderful surprise I ended up going to see on of my most Favorite bands!
My friends son back out at the last moment and I got email saying, she needed a date, to see a a little band called Nickleback!
Chad again

My husband thought I was nuts... I squeeled with delight reading the email!
They did not dissappoint. I love hard rock, I enjoy it, yes some of the lyrics are, how should we say, objectional, or maybe questionable, they are are definitely not for young ears! But I have no problem with them. Take them for what they are a HARD ROCK BAND! In fact I totally loved every moment of the concert. Sang till my throat hurt and stood and danced the whole time! Like everyone else at Scotia Bank Place!
I haven't been to a good rock show in years! I will defintely go again.
Here are a few shots I took with my point and shoot! Not bad but if I had my Nikon D80 it would be sooo much better!
Siniging into the talk box

Love this one

The stage and Chad, Mike and the rest.
Most of these are from the Jumbotron they had behind them...which made everyone feel like they were in the front row! Loved it!
drumming solo
Ryan's drumming solo

Chad Kroeger
It was the stress release I needed...Thanks Barb for thinking of me and Thanks Jamie for backing out!!!! I had a blast!

Well better get back to studying while I am here at school on a Saturday, but I have not posted in so long I figured I better share something. I have a few weeks off before I do the May/ June session and then I will take July/August off for the summer!
Later peeps!

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BeachMama said...

So fun! I enjoy a great concert. Good for you for getting a few shots, they normally don't let you in with a DSLR, so don't be sorry you didn't bring it :). I have been tuning up my voice and vocal cords for the U2 concert in July, I got Hubby to go in general admission, soooo excited.

And YAY! Your BIL is moving into his house, hope you are done with it.