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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, May 03, 2010

My Perfect Days

Over at Beachmama's blog, she wrote about her perfect days...I thought this was an awesome idea and would give it a go over here on my Blog. But I am going to give you a number of perfect days, like Beachmama did but mine will be named slightly different! Let me give you, the reader, an advisory...I have a good imagination, so some of these are straight out of my head and have no way of ever happening.


My Fantasy Perfect Day: This is all based in my head and has nothing to do with any reality or possiblity of it happening. Just good old fashion fun. I wake up to be 40 lbs slimmer, toned, and I have always have been, and I hate junk food and eat only healthly and I am living is this beautiful finished house that has windows everywhere, and a view that is to die for, somewhere on a lake with 300 arces around me. The man of my Dreams, who is a mix of Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp, and the charm of George Clooney, and sings like Jim Cuddy or Chad Kroger depending on my mood, and he is ripped but not too much, I don't like that over built look, is making coffee in nothing but a towel downstairs. Oh baby. :0) He is totally devoted to me and does everything I want and more. He tells me that I look wonderful every morning and how lucky he is to be with me. He tells me he has a surprise for me that night, and that he has arranged for us to have dinner is some amazing resturant, and are going to see some amazing concert (I don't care who it is, I'm with the man of my dreams) where I can take my new Professional Nikon D 3 camera and I have a back stage pass to take photos! After the concert we hang with the band and go home to a nice roaring bonfire on our deck and have martini's and ...
OK I have a bit of a romantic streak.
The stage and Chad, Mike and the rest.


My Semi Reality Perfect Day: I have a finished house, all the new funiture I want, and my Dream Car, and maybe 20 lbs thinner that I have worked off myself and am quite proud of, and I have just finished my PhD in English or Art History or BOTH! And I am leaving on a trip with my family to England to tour around for a month and take in a play or two. I am working on this one, and will achieve some of these over time. It's nice to have goals and plans. Even if I don't quite achieve them all.
Martini's one of my favorite Drinks!

My Reality Perfect Day:
All myFamily and friends and their children are over for one kick ass BBQ, right here on our farm! There is loud music and a fire for marshmellows, and all sleep over in tents and have a blast. Simple as that! This last one would be hard, because I have soooo many friends and so much family that getting all here for ONE day is hard, it takes us months just to get together for dinner sometimes! BUT Totally possible. We will see what the summer brings.
deck chair

What I will get for a Perfect Day-A day to sit on my back deck without black flies and misqutoes, and read, with a tea or a glass of wine or a MARTINI ( do you see a pattern happening here?), and my family's here and running about. This sounds about right to me...What are your Perfect Days? Reflect on this and get back to me...



BeachMama said...

I love all of your perfect days!!! Now why didn't I think of waking up 40lbs thinner? You are so smart. I'll be there for the BBQ...

Silver Creek Mom said...

LOL! Because you do NOT need to lose 40 lbs! I knew I could count on you for the BBQ!

Thanks. I love my perfect days too.

valerie said...

I really really love the chair on the deck picture.

Looking forward to the bbq. :)