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“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Photo Walk and Photomoment part Two and the one about the Almost Latin Class

As Promised I am putting up some more photos of the Photo Walk I took, and in among it a story about a University student who just can't make up her mind.

Shadow & Light
Light and Shadow

At one point in the summer session I was talking to a student who was taking Classical Greece with me I was told by this student who was taking Latin during the summer that it would help me with my grammar rules in English and spelling. Mulling it over and trying to make a smart choice, I talked to a number of people and they all said sounds like a good idea...so enrollement rolls around and I try to enroll in Latin, which is a 1st year course, but it refused to let me in and I have 2nd year standing. This should have been my clue that this was not a class for me. I did an over ride request and got into the class.

I thought I had my classes all set and then I get this email from a friend who really does have my sanity at heart. He knows about my struggles with grammar and tells me I am not that bad. He gets A+'s in everything and I get B+'s...I am so close to that A range I can taste it. He tells me my problem is editing not really grammar, and I will catch those if I edit carefully. He has talked to this super smart student who told me I should take Latin in the first place. Apparently he has never gotten below an A- in his life and in this class, he has gotten a C+. What does this mean for me? A BIG FAT F!

Green lines
Green lines

But not to rush things, I talk to a friend who used to teach Latin at the University Level. She says she has been thinking about me and askes me to send her some papers of mine to see how I write to give me a more informed descision, which I do. To her it is more editing problems than Grammar. Just like my other friend did. Yes there are a few issues but those I can fix on my own she tells me.

Colour explosion
Colour Explosion

Then I go and talk to Professor of English that I trust to be honest with me, and he says he also has been thinking about me. He figures I would waste a lot of money taking that class, and that I could figure it out on my own, look how far I have come to begin with. He had a point.

Lantern @ #15
Lantern @ #15

Thinking it over carefully, I figured I would rather work on my Majors and not take Latin, and with a Professor who thinks a C is a good mark, I may just be biting my self in my ample ass. Not a good thing for my GPA. I want that up so I can get funding to do my Masters.

Urban cool
Urban Cool

So I walked away from Latin and feel so much better about dropping it. I was unsure and not feeling comfortable with taking it, dreading it. Knowing there are classes out there I would rather that and be totally miserable for a whole year.


Now I am registed in Canadian Literatures, British Literatures II, and Renaissance Art for the Fall. In the Winter I will be still taking both English Classes but the Art History will change to Artist in Context, and this year will be Vincent Van Gogh, which I know I will enjoy.

I think taking Latin would have been a big mistake for me. As my English Prof said, take it if you really want to learn Latin. And my reply...I don't think I will be joining the Vatican anytime soon.

So know the BIG QUESTION IS...
when I can order my books, go out and buy school supplies and myself a pair of jeans and shoes, and new pair of boots I am drooling over on St. Catherine Street in Montreal, Oh yes and a back pack, for the first day of Classes? September 7th can't get here quick enough! :)

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