“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

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Monday, December 19, 2011

And it is at an end

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
Henry David Thoreau


I am done the semester and did fairly well, but did not reach my goal of all A’s, close, but not quite.

American Literature, A,
Canadian Historical Art, A,
Aboriginal Literatures, B +

I am moving up but still have trouble with sentence structure and syntax.
All my Profs say that my arguments for my papers are really strong. Actually, Aboriginal Lit Prof said IF I was a stronger writer I would be an A+ student, and she sent me some links to help me achieve this, and said she would help me anytime on anything! HOW did I get so lucky? I have met some awesome people who have offered to do what they can to help me! I even convinced one Prof of what I was arguing in my Poe Paper. I just about fell over on that one, because he is a hard man to change his views or mind, especially when he said straight out, “Write the f**king paper Sharon, but I warn you I don’t agree with where you are coming from. BUT all you have to do is argue and support it, and you will get a good mark.” BUT now he is learning towards my point of view! YES! YES He admitted it in writing!

We have had some good literary arguments this semester that ended up with me ticked at him, because he constantly plays devil’s advocate...he should have been a lawyer. However, I end up laughing. Grant you there were times I sat in his office after lectures and just listen, the man is so knowledgeable! I usually asked a lot of questions, and this added to the experience of what I thought was going to be a dry class. But it was far from it! These arguments or discussions made me think, he had me doing extra readings to get in the extra thought and knowledge of some of the theories of the times. I learned so much about early America and how it developed, and I have read lots of Henry David Thoreau lately! Transcendentalism was a huge influence to many authors. AND some here in Canada

Hearts on Sherbrooke

BUT this grammar issue is a huge frustration for me! I can’t for the life of me figure out why I have no clue about the mechanics of Grammar. YEAH! YEAH! I know I have improved 100 percent but there is still issues that drive me to drink! I went to school, I graduated, and yet I look at a sentence and sometimes cannot figure out what is wrong with it. I know I am not alone. BUT this makes me pull at my hair in frustration. I feel so stupid at times and feel like the school system failed me at some point! I sit there sometimes and look at my papers, and say I have NO CLUE! I know academic grammar has to be flawless. I am not even sure I can achieve this. SO this summer I may not take a summer course and just work on studying Grammar. I have a tutor, but I need someone more, who has this grasp...I hope I can get one of my helpful Profs to answer my questions! I wish I could take a class or find a class; it doesn’t seem to be out there at all! Parallel structures, verb tense agreements, number agreements, and some of it is just sloppy editing skills, I still have to fine a way for me to correct with a list! I find this stuff difficult; especially when they say the sentence is awkward, because it sounds good to me. EVEN after it is marked I have to go and ask WHY?

I need to pray to the Grammar GODS!

Next semester I am looking forward to quite a bit. I am taking Literary Theory. I looked at the books and we are to look at: Some Ghost stories, Horror Stories (Classic’s of course, so more Poe, possibly Shelley, and a few others) plus a text book in Lit Theory! I see I really need this class for my papers. So I am thrilled to be getting the Prof I am told is the “good” one, I had friends that took it this semester with another Professor and they hated the class, the Prof was awful!

The next class is Intro to the Novel...now this class in the last few weeks has been interesting. I was in my University Class site and saw that the class Instructor had been changed from one Professor to another Professor. I met this Prof last year, and he introduced himself as Matt. NO Clue who he was until my American lit Prof told me. They share an office. AND I am thrilled about the change; he is such a nice man to chat with. I have met him all over campus and chatted with him about his twin 9 yr old boys and different things! Although last week, I was back on the site and it had reverted back to the original Prof. WHO I have heard about lately from other students and more than one is a BIG JERK! SO I quickly emailed the English Department and asked what is up. It is still Matt teaching the course. Apparently Web CT had issues and reverted back to an older file. MY biggest reason for being happy with Matt is I don’t have to read Charles Dickens...I am not a huge fan. Bores me to tears! But I am reading Moll Flanders (read that Last year) Frankenstein, and Norris’s McTeague...Finally something new and that I have never heard of before!

Miranda and I being Silly in Downtown Montreal!

My last class will be French Impressionism in Art Histoy! With the Prof in Art History that I have been with the longest at CU, I have taken 5 classes with this man, a big Santa of a man and so funny! I am almost done in this department. AND honestly I can’t wait. It has gotten so bad there I don’t want anything to do with the snobbery or the internal politics’ in the department. It is so small that this is constant. SICK OF IT. A friend of mine, who was going to do a Masters, has decided not too and changed his classes to the Humanities!

I have some electives to finish up and my advisor asked me to pick a minor, and I think it will be in History. I have talked to my Mentor and he said he had to think about it. His first reaction was History because I am always asking what is going on to influence their writing. Then he said Gender Studies, because I always ended up talking about these issues in my papers. I asked about Religion, he said he had done a minor in Religion and although it is useful, I have a good grounding in that. I have also talked to a number of Students in the English department and they say this is a good compliment to English, and Art History. SO next fall I will start with one course and see how I like it and go from there, unless they offer something awesome in the spring.

Miranda on stage

Miranda is ending her 3 years at Concordia this spring. She will have her BFA In Theatre and minor in English. We got to go to Montreal to see her in her first Production in a long time. It was AWESOME! It was Called Witchcraft and she play one of the female leads, Violet! She is a awesome Actor! She is thinking about doing her MFA, but we shall see what happens!

The cast of Witchcraft

So there is my University Update and a short family one... I am enjoying the break, because I really worked my ass off this semester. BUT I am exhausted.

Happy holidays everyone.

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